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Which is better: a dark or light floor?

In today's design world, a pressing question has arisen: Which flooring is better? Some argue that the clear favorite of the last decade is light-colored flooring. Others, focusing on the disadvantages of light flooring, prefer dark flooring, a living classic that exists outside of the design world trends. In this article we will consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of both options, so that each of you will decide what you prefer.

Dark floor

It is worth clarifying right away that a dark floor is not only black or brown, but also other shades of colors.

Dark color flooring creates an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the room, but it visually reduces the space. Therefore, it is better to use dark floors in large rooms, complementing them with glass or metal products. But when choosing a dark coating color, do not forget about the balance: if a dark floor — then light walls, otherwise the room will just turn into a gloomy hut.


  • dark surfaces are more practical and less dirty, but they also need regular maintenance;

  • usually, homeowners prefer a combination of "dark floor — light furniture", but designers recommend to the dark floor to pick up items that are a few tones lighter.


  • many dark shades have a positive effect on human well-being, they are soothing and not irritating. And a light dining room with a dark floor even helps to better digest food;

  • if the size of some elements of the decor seems to you too massive, the dark floor will "average" their proportions, and all the accessories will look harmonious;

  • dark flooring gives the interior solidity.


  • dark lacquer is easily scratched, and all the smallest damages will be immediately visible;

  • it is better not to make a dark floor in a room where there is little natural light, it will make the room too gloomy. But on the other hand, if there is too much natural light, all the smallest defects and even a small amount of dust will immediately become visible;

  • on a glossy coating will be clearly visible stains after washing the floor, so after a wet cleaning the floor will have to polish additionally.

Dark floor shades

Of course, the spectacular appearance of the dark flooring depends on the right color tone:

  • warm shades of chocolate will make the room cozy and expensive;

  • black will give the room a modern and unusual feel;

  • dark gray tones will make the room cold.

Light flooring

Compared to the dark colors, light flooring is considered more versatile and will fit perfectly into any interior. Such flooring can easily be combined with various elements of decoration, which are characterized by a calm color scheme, for example, you can use a skirting board a few shades lighter or darker than the floor. But it is true that bright objects pale greatly on this background. If you purchase dark furniture in the room, then it should be elegant, with fine lines.


  • a common rumor is that light-colored flooring gets dirty quickly, which is actually not true. Here, the quality of the protective layer, which protects the coating from dirt and dust penetration, is of great importance;

  • a light-coloured floor makes the room look larger and lighter;

  • sometimes white causes discomfort, to solve this problem, it is worth combining a light floor and dark walls;

  • when decorating the interior should pay special attention to the choice of baseboards. For example, the combination "dark baseboard — light flooring" is able to give the interior a contrast, which will favorably complement any style of interior.

More often than not, light flooring in homes is "diluted" with non-contrast patterns, as a purely white floor looks boring and causes discomfort.


  • in interiors, it is very common to combine a white floor with a dark door. This creates the appearance of additional space. This solution is great for small rooms;

  • a light-colored floor increases the amount of light in the room;

  • a light floor (and in general, light furniture) is able to visually increase the area of the room.


  • for white or beige floors need to choose the furniture very carefully, because with the wrong choice the floor can lose its advantages and become trivial, unremarkable coatings;

  • whichever option flooring you would not choose, light-colored floors is still hard to call respectable. Even if you buy a beautiful gray laminate, it will not look as expensive as, for example, dark wood, which costs many times cheaper.

So, we've looked at the pros and cons of dark and light floors. Both options, with the right approach, harmoniously fit into any interior style. So it's just a matter of deciding what colors you like.


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