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Bright interior: the subtleties and secrets

Nowadays, magazines and various websites are full of new interior and decor, every year there are new interesting trends and creative solutions, which cannot fail to please designers and those who want to bring something new and interesting into their homes.

But if the designer has no problem to repeat the interior from the pages of magazines, or fashionable site, for ordinary people it can be not so easy. That's why we offer you to consider a few ideas that will help to make the decoration of your home bright and original.

There are actually a lot of tricks and tips that will help make your home more colorful, in this article we have selected the most interesting and easy to perform. The process of picking up decor is much easier and more interesting than repairs, so get ready for something exciting and very aesthetically pleasing.

Tell me, have you ever had the desire to make your interior brighter and more original? Believe me, no matter what age people live in the house, colorful, fresh colors will please the eye of everyone.

The main thing is not to take these words too literally, do not rush to the store and buy neon signs and furniture in acid colors, pay attention to the bright colors of nature: the color of a clear sky, ripe cherries, spring grass. Such colors are not too shouty and pleasant to the perception, but you should not use them all at the same time in one room, it's better to use them as bright accents, such a decision will make your interior play in a new way.

Bright chairs

If you still have grandmother's chairs or other models in the retro style, which are no longer relevant in the world of design, in any case do not throw them away. We suggest you turn these "greetings from the past" into a real work of art. To do this you will need the following: bright paint, brushes, time and a little inspiration, such bright notes will make the interior of any room much more interesting and fascinating. Such furniture is best combined with the style of eclectic or pop art.

Choosing textiles

Today you can often hear that the modern interior style is only about neutral shades and restraint in prints, such an opinion is fundamentally wrong. We live in a time of self-expression and originality, so standard, monolithic interiors can safely be diluted with bright accents.

Today, the main trends in decor are floral patterns, geometry, birds, plants and graphics. Add to your interior natural motifs that will bring harmony and colorful notes into the house.

Design as a way of self-expression

Home is a place that helps us to relax after a hard day's work, a place where we feel cozy and comfortable. But sometimes we have a desire to create a design that will please friends/guests/relatives, and we completely forget about our own preferences. If this situation is familiar to you, it is better to stop for a moment and remember what exactly you want.

The outside world is already quite serious and correct, so create for yourself a secluded corner, which will embody your brightest wishes and help to distract for a moment from external problems. Pick up a few details that reflect your vision of the world and will make you happy and uplifting.

Replacing Furniture

Solid furniture, even if it serves important functions, always looks cumbersome, especially in small rooms. If possible, it is better to give preference to original poufs and sofas, or bright chairs, they can have a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. In addition, such details can become very multifunctional elements of the interior.

Bright rugs

Many people assume that the rug is an outdated design attribute, which does not fit in any way into a modern interior, but this is a mistaken opinion, as the rug is not only not out of fashion, but on the contrary, it has become even more popular. Only now in fashion are small models of bright colors, such carpets can act as a colorful accent in a neutral interior.

The original light sources

Lighting plays a very important role in the room, but also very important is the appearance of fixtures. After all, just imagine how different the atmosphere can create an ordinary pastel lamp and a bright floor lamp of unusual shape, from the second room will acquire new colors, and the interior will look more interesting and fresh.

Paintings in the interior

Canvases in the interior is the easiest option for creating bright accents in the design of the room. It is best to give preference to paintings by modern artists, as the modern style is able to bring a note of futurism and modernity into the house.


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