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A little bit about minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most popular styles in today's design world. It represents spacious rooms and a minimum of furniture, which is characterized by simplicity and clarity of lines. The main features of minimalism are moderation and functionality, all the furniture in the house should be really necessary, no excesses — only practicality. If such principles of decoration are close to you, then we propose you to learn more about what this style is.

Minimalism in details

The most characteristic feature of minimalism is a minimum of furniture, made in a modern style, with characteristic sharp lines, strict shapes and pastel colors. Because of the small amount of furniture, we advise you not to save on its quality, so your interior will look better and will last longer. Also, minimalism is characterized by a lot of free space, ease of design, large windows, and as a consequence, a good light.

For people who value freedom, minimalism will definitely be to their liking, as it denies cluttered space. The presence of only necessary design elements, the use of natural materials and thought-out color scheme is welcome.

Materials and colors

Characteristic of minimalism are cool shades, especially the combination of contrasting colors. For example, black and white design: looks spectacular, but too monotonous, such interiors should be diluted with bright accents, such as: bright paintings, vases, figurines, etc. As a background color can be white and gray colors, black is used to create a contrast and accents.

Very often in the style of minimalism glass is used and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, glass creates a sense of lightness and visually expands the space. Glass coffee tables and partitions are an integral part of minimalism, as such parts harmoniously complement the interior, while occupying a minimum of space. In addition to glass, stone, brick, wood, transparent plastic, etc. are also often used.

Creating a minimalist interior

If all the above you like and it is close to you, then here are some tips on how to organize minimalism in your home.

To begin with, you need to remove all unnecessary furniture, leaving only the one that performs important functions. Remember, no cluttering.

Choose furniture of simple shades and shapes, it is recommended to pick up the same minimalist tables, shelves, poufs, etc.

As curtains we recommend choosing light Roman blinds or roller blinds on the outer side of the windows.

As for the color scheme the preference is given to classical cold colors: white, black and gray. Do not forget about the bright accents, which will dilute the environment and make the interior more interesting.


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