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A little about the loft style

If you are a fan of modern interiors, it seems that you are at the right place, today we will talk about the style that embodies minimalism and boundless creativity. Ladies and gentlemen, to your attention — Loft! It's ideal for those who need space and as much as possible urbanism. The main features are as follows: very high ceilings (just very high, really), a protest to wallpaper and plaster — only clean brick, not hidden beams and pipes, cement floor, and much more interesting things. Intrigued? Then let's find out more about what it is.

What is a loft?

The translation of the word "loft" is extremely unremarkable — "the top floor of the factory or warehouse, attic, gallery, attic. In fact, the main essence of the loft is an unexpected interior and the desire to make the design as unpredictable as possible. The taste of the owner of such a home is quite interesting and eccentric.

The main feature of this style is a huge room and the abundance of natural light, which comes through the large windows. Also an important detail of the "loft" house is the absence of partitions, so be prepared, upon entering the house, to see the whole huge room at once. It is worth saying separately about the height of the rooms: imagine a very high ceiling and add to it a couple of meters, now you have an approximate idea about the standard height of the ceilings in this style. As you have understood, the words "loft" and "large" can be safely included in the category of synonyms.

As mentioned above, all corners in the apartment are well visible, but there are exceptions for some rooms: bedrooms, utility room and bathrooms. The toilet is always artfully hidden, and the bathroom, more often than not, is right in the master bedroom. The style is characterized by a mix of different interior solutions.

In addition to minimalism, Loft also embodied a note of retro theme: peeling frames, no hidden ventilation systems, metal staircases and worn brick walls. But do not think that the Loft - it's only about the old and careless, behind all these details are hiding modern lighting systems and equipment. The proper placement of mirrors and chrome details create an interesting lighting effect.

Characteristic features of the Loft:

  • the interior is not overloaded with unnecessary decorative elements and furniture;

  • a minimum of partitions and walls;

  • high ceilings, decorated with beams and open ventilation systems;

  • the wall finishing is quite rough: exposed brickwork, plaster, concrete. Such design solutions emphasize the carelessness of urban slums;

  • most often there are no curtains or drapes on the windows;

  • the presence of a fireplace or stove is a must;

  • staircases, which perfectly complement the high ceilings. Usually they are made of wood or metal;

  • the presence of only necessary functional furniture; Loft does not accept anything unnecessary;

  • the mix of retro style and modern trends.

There are several kinds of Loft

Bohemian Loft

A paradoxical combination of factory style with incredible creativity of the owner. In such houses you can see how on a rough brick wall placed bright masterpieces of postmodern artists.

Such an interior is imbued with the desire for self-expression, even a combination of incongruous styles is acceptable: classical sculptures and avant-garde paintings, musical instruments and graffiti, etc.

Glamorous Loft

A feature of this look is a wide range of colors, bold combinations of different colors and shades. Fans of this look also love the antique mirrors in the Baroque style, large plants and "primitive" cow skins instead of carpets on the floor (the latter element, following the trends, is better replaced by eco-leather).

Industrial Loft

A very popular trend in the Loft style. It lies in the fact that it is necessary to recreate the atmosphere of a factory or factory in the house. For greater convincing in the interior can add the following details: ventilation pipes, left in plain sight, beams, metal structures.

In this kind of design is best to fit the furniture of strict geometric forms.

This is how it is, this Loft — unexpected, expressive, always seeking to surprise. If the carelessness of the city and beautiful chaos bring you pleasure and comfort, this style is exactly what you need.

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