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Land in an elite suburb

The Obukhov direction is part of the Koncha-Zaspa nature reserves.

Obukhov district is a picturesque pine forest along the Dnieper, where numerous sanatoriums, boarding houses, as well as private mansions are located. Elite settlements of this direction are part of this natural and ecological park. This direction goes around two high-speed highways with ideal asphalt pavement Novoobukhovskaya and Staroobukhovskaya, along which you can quickly get to the city center.

In the Obukhovsky direction there is all the necessary infrastructure for a normal life.

There are schools - general education and specialized, kindergartens, medical institutions, shops, shopping malls.

There are dozens of recreation centers and summer camps in the settlements. Considering the elite status of the district, weaving of land and a square meter is much more expensive than in other suburbs of Kyiv.

Communications and connection

The cost of land largely depends on the availability of communications!

***But keep in mind that in order to, for example, install gas, you will need a lot of money (tens of thousands of dollars)***


Plot with access to the water or lake
Highlights in choosing a land plot 


The topic of buying plots is relevant for many - some want to build a house on their land for permanent residence, others dream of a summer house. But not everyone knows how to buy land, because the purchase of land has its own characteristics.


* Find out how deep drinking water is, whether it is possible to make a well.

* Find out how things are with groundwater. 


Another important issue is the shape, topography and area of the site. The most convenient for operation are areas that are close in shape to a square.

If you are going to build a house, give preference to areas with flat terrain.

The mountainous terrain is beautiful, but in this case, for the construction, you will need expert advice and additional investments in strengthening the soil.

The size of the plot plays a big role, you should have enough space for all your future buildings - a house, a garage, a barn, a gazebo, a bathhouse, etc.


Plot in the forest zone
Plot in the village
Required documentation  

- state act of ownership of the land. 
- the document on the basis of which the State act was received 
- report on the expert evaluation of the land plot.

- extract from the State Land Cadastre on the absence of encumbrances on the land. 
- certificate that the land plot is free from erected real estate 

- certificate of assignment of the cadastral number of the land plot (if the cadastral number was not assigned)
- consent of all co-owners. (An exception may be a plot received by the seller by inheritance or donated to him, as well as acquired before marriage - in this case, consent is not required.)

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