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Natural materials in the interior

Today, the use of natural materials is a trend that is gaining popularity. This trend appeared not just for fun, it was influenced by several factors. Everyone knows that synthetic materials can harm people because of the harmful substances they emit. Also they do not look so expensive and presentable, which can spoil the overall picture of the interior, making it more cheap in appearance. Natural materials, in turn, can not harm a person and they look much better and more aesthetic, giving the room solidity.

Wood in the interior

Wood is a universal way to decorate any type of room. This material is durable and strong and, most importantly, it does not need any special care. The most popular types of wood are veneer and solid wood. Veneer is inexpensive, but solid wood, which is 100% wood, is much more expensive. The two materials do not differ much in appearance, but solid wood is nicer to the touch and has a pleasant wood smell. If you give at least some time to care for wood, it will not lose its appearance and will last for many decades.

Stone in the interior

Stone is capable of giving the room a refined castle style. Since it is a cold material, it is able to provide a pleasant coolness if installed as a flooring. There are many types of stone used for finishing, the most popular being marble and slate.

Metal in the interior

Metal is a fairly practical and low-maintenance material. It is suitable for all types of interior, complementing it and making the repair holistic. The most popular types of metal are steel and brass. These metals will look harmoniously in residential houses as well as in offices, clubs, restaurants, etc. Correctly played metal in the interior looks unusual and effective.

Leather in the interior

Leather has long been a sign of status and luxury. Most often it is used as upholstery for upholstered furniture. This material is not cheap, but its price is compensated by its appearance and practicality. If you decide to add leather to the interior, do not forget an important thing — the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, the abundance of leather products in the room cheapens the interior and makes it a little vulgar.

Also, in our time has become popular eco-leather, which is a budget analogue of regular leather, as well as the best option for animal advocates. But, unfortunately, this material has two significant drawbacks: firstly, eco-leather is short-lived, it quickly wears out and loses its original appearance. Secondly, this material needs constant, careful care.

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