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The subtleties of choosing chairs for the kitchen

In this article, we will find out what to look for when buying kitchen chairs. The task is actually not as simple as it may seem at first glance. After all, when choosing kitchen chairs it is necessary to consider not only the visual characteristics. It is important to know the options for combining colors, shapes, styles, features of different materials. And most importantly — options for the arrangement of different chairs in your kitchen.

Type of chairs

Buying this kind of furniture should not be impulsive. You should not give in to promotions and discounts, it is better to choose a quality model that will serve for many years. Modern furniture production offers a huge choice of chairs.

Soft and hard

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Soft ones, for example, look more aesthetically pleasing and they are comfortable to sit on. Except that over time, the seat will be squeezed, and repairs will be required. Hard chairs last longer and are easier to clean, this is especially appreciated by those who have children. Among the disadvantages: they are not as comfortable as the soft models.

Stationary and stackable

If you have a large kitchen, you can safely buy ordinary stationary chairs. In large rooms, they do not clutter the space and look harmonious. But if your kitchen is small — you should consider folding models that, if necessary, can easily be removed.

An interesting style solution would be the use of an armchair as a seating area. With the help of this detail in the interior, you can create an unusual design. Many people associate armchairs with bulky furniture for the living room. But after all, kitchen chairs can have a completely different look. For example, it may look like a chair with leather or fabric upholstery with wooden armrests or be made of metal with a soft seat cushion. Such products fit perfectly into modern styles. And the bright cushions on the chairs add contrast to the interior.

If you gave preference to Provence or Classics, then the best choice will be wooden or wicker chairs made of rattan. Their natural texture will look harmoniously in such an environment.


The standard width of the classic chairs is 50-60 cm. However, modern manufacturers offer options and much wider, and much narrower. The size of the chair is worth paying close attention to respect for interior harmony. It is worth correlating the size of the chair with the peculiarities of the kitchen layout, so as not to create a sense of cluttered, or vice versa — empty space.

The height of the back of models varies from 40 to 70 cm. The higher the backrest, the more comfortable for the sitter: his neck and head have support and are relieved of tension. The angle of 120° is considered the best angle of sitting, because it is in this position the shoulders and back are completely relaxed.


Usually the material and style of the chairs are chosen to match the dining table. After all, agree, wicker chairs are unlikely to look good with a metal table. So let's find out what materials are the most popular in the modern furniture market.

Wooden chairs are quite robust, fit well in the styles of Provence, classic and Scandinavian style. With proper care, wood can serve for many years and please you with a pleasant aroma and beautiful texture.

Rattan is a beautiful woven material. Such chairs are easy to care for, in addition, they are stylish and not heavy. Often such models are used with a removable cushion.

Metal chairs are strong and durable, perfectly suited to the style of high-tech and minimalism.

When choosing chairs, the upholstery material also plays an important role. Since the cooking area is usually high humidity, micro-particles of oil and food fumes fly in the air. All of this settles on the furniture, creating a persistent sticky layer of dirt. Getting rid of the buildup on chairs upholstered in untreated moisture- and stain-repellent fabric is nearly impossible. Therefore, the best option is a leather material or an artificial substitute.


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