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Pool lighting

Both for outdoor and indoor pools you need to organize a quality, well-designed lighting. The characteristics of lamps and designs in both cases will be the same: the light flux should be bright, but it should not dazzle people swimming in the pool.

You must take care about the lighting of approaches to the place of bathing: corridors, doors, stairs and handrails. You can also equip a bowl of the pool (with internal or external lamps). As for the design, you need to consider the overall atmosphere of the house or the surrounding area. Modern lamps, changing the color and brightness of the light can adjust to any exterior and interior of the house. Maintenance of swimming pool lighting systems is provided by special tunnels and sealing sleeves.

The advantages of indoor and outdoor lighting

There are two types of pool lighting: external and internal (underwater). They can be combined or choose one option at your discretion.

Combining pool lighting has several advantages:

  • easy maintenance of the pool bowl: thanks to the lighting you can easily notice cracks or debris on the bottom and walls;

  • providing a high level of safety adjacent to the pool area and the pool itself;

  • the use of decorative light makes it possible to organize all sorts of effects during the holidays.


To install different types of lighting in the pool you can use different systems and lamps:

  • halogen lamps;

  • LED strips;

  • incandescent lamps;

  • fluorescent lamps;

  • fiber optic filaments;

  • LED spotlights.

During installation, it is possible to mount decorative, local, general and contour lighting.

But do not forget that even the most advanced lighting fixtures, wiring and tools require proper handling to achieve the best results. Remember that all electrical wiring work should only be done by professionals of their trade.


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