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Peculiarities of choosing a tabletop

The overall concept of a modern kitchen is created by three important components: the front of the kitchen set, the apron of the working area and the countertop. But if the choice of the first two depends primarily on the aesthetics of the interior, when buying a countertop, attention is primarily paid to its functionality. However, the appearance should not be ignored either, because the mood of the person cooking depends on it. And in order to create a good mood for the chef, the aesthetic component of his workplace is very essential. Therefore, the tabletop should also be beautiful.

A tabletop is a monolithic or consisting of several parts of the plate installed on the kitchen drawers. Its thickness is about 2-7 mm, and depends on the material of manufacture. Today, the furniture market offers the buyer a weighty list of materials for manufacturing countertops for kitchen sets: natural and artificial stone, metal, acrylic, wood, laminated chipboard, etc. In this article, we will consider the characteristics of some of these materials in more detail.

Natural stone

Countertops made of this material look stately and luxurious. They are made of sheets of stone blocks, they are very dense and hygroscopic. However, there are some disadvantages: firstly, the stone countertop is very heavy, and secondly, it cannot be repaired, that is, with the help of an ordinary wax pencil it is impossible to eliminate chips. After installing a natural stone countertop, it must be treated with a protective composition due to its porosity. Otherwise, the liquid stains can be removed only with polishing.

Artificial stone

A huge advantage of this material is that it is hygroscopic and heat-resistant, does not deform and does not get dirty, with all this it realistically repeats the pattern of the real stone. Such countertops are durable and easy to care for, in addition, in stores the buyer a huge variety of choice of textures and colors of countertops made of artificial stone, which will help you find the right model for any interior.


Metal countertops will harmoniously complement the kitchens in the style of high-tech, modernism or loft. They are characterized by moisture resistance and hygiene, resistance to high temperatures and mechanical damage. They have a long service life. Their disadvantages include the fact that even the slightest drops and prints are noticeable on them. Therefore, this material is hardly suitable for perfectionists, for whom sterile cleanliness in the kitchen is very important.


The material is waterproof, resistant to household chemicals, fungus and bacteria. The surface can be noticeable scratches and traces from hot dishes. But at the same time, acrylic withstands shocks well and is easy enough to be restored.


The wooden countertops are best suited to the Austrian style, Provence and loft. Thanks to the pleasant texture of such a countertop will bring a sense of coziness and peace to the kitchen. Usually wood is sanded and coated with special oils, but in spite of this, it is not enough resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage in the form of dents, scratches and chips when exposed to strong physical impact. Despite the fact that modern methods of treatment make wooden tabletops as waterproof as possible, their use still requires careful handling.

Laminated chipboard

The protective layer applied to the tabletop makes it more light-, temperature- and wear-resistant. Other positive features include its invulnerability to household chemicals, mechanical shocks, high temperatures and scratches. Thanks to its good heat resistance, acrylic countertop can be used near the kitchen stove without the risk of ignition and deformation.

As you can see, countertop materials are resistant to thermal, chemical and mechanical effects. It is only worth considering the peculiarities of maintenance of a particular material. Therefore, when choosing a countertop, you need to pay attention to its performance characteristics and a suitable appearance for the interior.


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