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Neoclassical interior

Neoclassic design is a combination of classic luxury style and modern details, it is the embodiment of traditional motifs and the latest design trends. It is thanks to the ability to absorb current design ideas and adapt to modern materials, neoclassical style is becoming increasingly popular among designers and among those wishing to design their own home in a fashionable interior. In this article, we will consider the basic principles of home design in this style.

Neoclassicism in the interior of any room will look appropriate and neat, it is decorated with elegant accessories, quality furniture and decor. The style is characterized by a natural palette, a harmonious combination of elements and an almost complete absence of bright accents. When decorating, you should strive for simplicity and symmetry of the environment. Let's look at some of the aspects that are characteristic of neoclassicism.

Nature motifs

Often in the neoclassical interior you can find plant patterns and ornaments. Most often they are present in textiles: on curtains, carpets, bedding and in the decor. Such decoration dilutes the austerity of the neoclassical style.

Finishes and materials

Like the classics, neoclassicism does not tolerate artificial materials, naturalness should be in everything. As wall decorations are often used plaster, decorative panels of wood or glass, wallpaper is used with the same plant motifs and natural ornaments. When finishing you can use a variety of materials, the main thing to consider two factors: naturalness and compatibility with the main interior. In the installation of the ceilings is also a wide range of choice: they can be stretched, whitewashed, flat or multi-level. The joints between the walls and ceiling are framed with wooden or plaster carved cornices. Parquet, laminate, ceramic or poured floors are used for the floor.

Color Palette

Most often, color compositions are used in the neoclassical interior. A light ceiling, darker walls and on the floor is the darkest covering. The main colors of the room are white, gray and its shades, sandy, cream, beige, unsaturated shades of brown, blue and green. Also, as additional colors for bright accents are used: unsaturated blue and indigo, turquoise, black, gold, muted burgundy.

Neoclassical bedroom

Furniture for the bedroom should be chosen according to your own preferences. This can be a luxury furniture with carvings, or minimalistic furniture without any frills, everything depends only on you. As for the neoclassical motifs, there is a wide range of choices. The original coffee tables, chairs with oval backs, tables, decorated with carvings, cabinets, display cabinets with stained glass inserts, consoles and couches will fit well in such interior.

Which of all these to give preference to choose only you, the main thing is not all at once, because the bedroom is a place where you must have a lot of free space.


Most often in the neoclassical interior, the common rooms are decorated with a central chandelier. It is a complex design, decorated with crystal drops, rhinestones, or metal structures. Also, the lighting system ceiling and wall lamps, as well as floor lamps and table lamps with lampshades. Properly designed lighting can create a cozy, noble atmosphere in the house.


Special attention should be paid to textile decoration. Each element should be chosen with special care, without overloading the environment in the room. Curtains should be straight and light, falling in large folds to the floor. It is best to give preference to quality expensive fabrics that are beautifully layered and form a flat surface, for example: satin, dense silk, taffeta and velvet. Curtains can be supplemented with curtain rods with carvings. Carpet coverings should be selected, taking into account the subtleties of the interior. They may be monochrome, and may be with a variety of geometric designs and vegetal ornaments.


The best way to emphasize a luxurious interior is to have a fireplace decorated with gilded and bronze patterns. If there is no possibility to install a real fireplace, you can use an artificial one. An interesting and truly royal element of the room can be columns. The doors between the rooms can be replaced by arches or half arches. The mirrors should be selected in luxurious frames. Do not forget about houseplants and flowers in beautiful vases, they can create an interesting spring atmosphere. Also, the decor of the room will complement the various paintings, candelabras, statuettes and cups in the style of retro.

Neoclassical interior is a modern interpretation of classic design. Preserving the luxurious refinement, neoclassicism allows the use of modern materials, adapting the classic style to our time.


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