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Necessary interior details

Before you start renovating and furnishing your home, you should clearly allocate the budget allocated for the house to buy all the necessary parts. In order for the arrangement to be successful, you need to decide which furniture and accessories will be necessary, and which — additional. The designers made a list of things that are not worth saving, so that the furnishings in the house would look harmonious and winning.

Coffee table

Most often, the main element of the living room is the sofa group in the middle of the room, in the center of which is a coffee table or coffee table, which will certainly attract a lot of attention. So on this kind of furniture to save money is not necessary. You can also consider a bright design models of different shades and shapes. This table is able to create a bright accent in the room and give extravagance to even the most neutral interior.

Another interesting solution would be to buy not one but two tables at once, thus creating an aesthetic symmetry.


Most people believe that the sofa is the main item of upholstered furniture. However, designers advise to make the main bet on the armchair, because, firstly, unusual armchairs are more interesting and budget option. And secondly, a bright armchair will look really effective in the general environment.

Use an armchair as an accent not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, children's room, study and even on the terrace.

Chairs in the dining room

The role of chairs in the dining room is too underestimated. The most popular option for dining room furniture design is a table of classic color and bright chairs, which will make the dining room more colorful. You can also opt for extravagant options, such as the Viennese style.

Another popular solution in the design of the dining room was the choice of different sized and decorated chairs. But still, to make the interior look more harmonious, designers advise the following: if the shape of the table — rectangular, you can opt for two different models (at the head of the table one or two more massive chairs, the rest — the usual size); if the shape of the table — round, it is better to choose chairs of the same shape.

Floor lamp

We all know that lighting is an important part of any room. And to do only one source of light is quite an unfortunate decision, because it can spoil all the beauty of the interior.

Therefore, designers recommend using a floor lamp as additional light. It can not only fill the room with additional light, but also create a cozy homely atmosphere.


Many people do not attach importance to this interior detail, and very wrongly. After all, the console is able not only to become a bright accent in the room, but also to save space by increasing the amount of free space.

Most often consoles are used in corridors or hallways, they are decorated with all sorts of figurines, lamps or vases. Above them often hang mirrors, framed in thin neat frames.


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