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Mirror shapes

The right mirror can give the interior a new and interesting touch. Mirrors are multifunctional — they visually enlarge the room, fill the room with light, "raise" ceilings. When choosing a product is necessary to consider the style, size and shape.

To date, the most popular shapes of mirror canvases are:

  • round — a complete form, fits harmoniously into almost any interior;

  • oval — visually makes the walls look wide. It is best suited for a living room, bedroom or bathroom;

  • rectangular — visually expands the wall. Looks good in the bedroom, living room, children's room, hallway or bathroom;

  • square — it can be placed both on a wide or narrow wall. Suitable for any design.

Round and oval mirrors

Wall oval mirror gives the room originality and sophistication. This form is suitable for decorating any style: from high-tech to the classics. Vertical mirrors have the property to visually expand the room, filling it with light, and with the help of horizontal surfaces can "raise" low ceilings and visually expand short walls. It is not recommended to hang oval models of mirrors in a big and wide premise, the form of the cloth will visually lengthen it.

Use in the interior design of a round mirror creates harmony of lines in the space. Rounded products will look great in the living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. The round mirror surface will be suitable for both narrow and wide walls and will help to increase the amount of light in the room.

Square and rectangular mirrors

Square mirrors are the main trend of modern minimalist design. They will fit any stylistic solution to the space. These surfaces can be placed on a narrow or wide wall, thanks to their square shape they will harmoniously complement the design.

Rectangular mirrors, as well as square mirrors, are in great demand among consumers. Mirror cloths combine practicality and elegance. Connoisseurs of classic and modern styles will be able to choose a product that will complement the interior decoration and make it unique.

Rectangular mirrors come in two types:

  • vertical — used to visually enlarge the walls. Often they are hung in hallways and bedrooms, as they allow you to examine yourself in full view;

  • horizontal mirrors visually enlarge the size of the room. They look harmoniously over bedside tables, dressing tables and in small niches. Frameless — they look stylish and attractive on brick or painted walls.

Unusual shapes

Unusual mirror cloths are used to emphasize the originality of the design concept and create a unique atmosphere in the room. For example, mirrors in the form of animals or plants for the children's room, or a mirror surface in the form of the sun for extravagant art deco. The placement of a large number of these mirror surfaces overflows the room, spoiling the aesthetic appearance. It is recommended to place one decorative mirror in the room in accordance with the style theme of its design.


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