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Light flooring in the interior

Coziness and harmony in a room are brought not only by furniture or elements of decor and textiles, its perception also depends largely on the choice of color palette of the room. Light shades are considered universal for the design of housing, which is why light-colored floors are increasingly common in modern homes.

Advantages and disadvantages

The fashion for decorating the floor covering in light colors appeared relatively recently, such models have such advantages:

  • a greater amount of light. This design law is based on the well-known law of physics — the lighter the surface, the better it reflects light. Especially well the light floor is suitable for a small room with windows to the north — in such a space, a light floor covering will provide the room with light, even in the gloomiest weather;

  • versatility. Cream, white, sand and beige colors will go well with many interiors, they will emphasize the accent elements of decor and lightness of design. Such a floor can be safely chosen for such styles: Provence, minimalism, chic, Scandinavian and so on;

  • increased space — it is widely known the ability of light shades to visually increase the volume of the room.

Of course, this element of design has a number of disadvantages:

  • light flooring is not always suitable for interiors, where the emphasis is on luxury. Darker shades are more often chosen for classic styles, where expensive materials are used. Such styles include: baroque, empire, antique, etc.;

  • unpredictability. The color of the coating is influenced by the colors of furniture, artificial lighting and textiles. Therefore, sometimes, with the wrong choice of design elements, the snow-white floor acquires an unexpected yellowish hue.

Light flooring in different styles

Light coating fits into most modern styles and even harmoniously suits some classical styles (Roman, Greek). The color and material of the floor is selected taking into account the following recommendations:

  • minimalism is characterized by a laconic color scheme, for the floor usually choose white, milky, cream or light gray colors, the furniture differs from the laminate or parquet on 2-3 tones;

  • classic styles are characterized by the use of laminate or parquet in yellow and gray tones, light-colored floorboards (oak, hornbeam, maple), light gray matte tiles and marble. Greek and Roman styles are decorated with white marble and laminate with imitation ceramic tiles;

  • loft and high-tech. These interiors often use lacquered board and glossy laminate in a cool palette: white, light sand, light gray;

  • provence and country style. The simplicity and coziness of these styles is emphasized with an aged effect laminate or white plank flooring.

Materials for light flooring

Choosing a material for the floor, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • laminate in light colors is usually used in rooms with many small accessories and objects. It is suitable for small rooms with a lot of textiles;

  • laminate with an expressive pattern can be combined harmoniously with furniture in beige and brown tones with a minimalistic coffee table.

In nature there is practically no white wood, so the light boards are obtained thanks to a special treatment, which lends itself to the following species of trees:

  • oak — bleached oak boards have a wide range of shades — from golden-cream to grayish sandy. The material is known for its wear resistance and durability;

  • maple — this material has one interesting feature: maple flooring darkens with time and acquires a deep beige color, this should be considered when planning the interior;

  • birch — after treatment it may acquire grayish, yellowish and pale amber shades;

  • ash — by hardness the solid ash is similar to the oak, it is just as reliable and perfectly restorable. Shades can range from pale yellow to olive.

White flooring is becoming increasingly popular in modern design — it is the embodiment of lightness and simplicity of the interior. Naturally, it has its shortcomings, but the harmony it brings to the home is probably worth it.


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