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Kitchen table

There is a joking opinion that Ukrainians are a nation of food: we love to eat ourselves, and often invite guests. So the dining table often becomes the central place of the house, and in this article, we will tell you how to choose the right piece of furniture for the kitchen or dining room.

It is very important that the table is spacious to sit and comfortable to get up from it. To achieve this, you need to consider the following:

  • a person needs 60 cm of space while eating (then it will be convenient to hold cutlery and take food);

  • there should be a distance of 15 cm between the chairs (so that people do not touch each other's elbows);

  • there should be a space of at least 1 m between the table and the nearest furniture or wall, otherwise it will be difficult to leave the table after dinner;

  • the optimal width of the table top — 90-105 cm, as such a table is convenient to serve, and eaters are on a comfortable distance for communication.

But how do you know whether the chosen piece of furniture will fit into the square footage of the room? In addition to the standard measuring tape, you can use the following method: choose a place for the table and lay out its length and width using improvised means (for example, paper cushions, carpets, etc.).This will give a visual understanding of how the dimensions relate to the total area of the room, how much space is left, and how people can sit down.

Table shape

Oval and round models are good for small rooms. They cut off corners, making it possible to seat more people, and they still have a good surface size. Also, this shape is a great psychological move, as there is no concept of "head of the table," which creates a more cozy atmosphere. Designers say that the round table is more suitable for the odd number of participants in the feast.

A rectangular table is the most popular and win-win option. It will fit well in a long and narrow room, providing space for aisles.

A square table is suitable for feasts for friends or couples, as people sit at an equal distance from each other. It will look good in a room of the same shape. In a small room, the best option would be a square sliding "transformer", which in the unfolded state can provide 5-8 additional seats.


Wood remains a classic that will not change. It is strong, durable and has a luxurious look. This material is versatile, it will fit into any style. The only thing is that it is one of the most expensive materials, but all its advantages make up for it.

A cheaper alternative is veneered wood (MDF and particleboard). They are not very durable, so it is better not to use them in the kitchen, but for the living room is quite suitable. They will look good in interiors of modern and provincial, it is better not to use in the style of high-tech.

Stone models look stylish and elegant, often used in urban interior styles. Of the disadvantages — heavy weight (not for all flooring) and low wear resistance.

A popular material now is tempered glass, which makes it possible to get a large, but not bulky table. Such furniture is quite durable and resistant to moisture, but it constantly leaves fingerprints, and it does not like abrasives and excessive heat. It looks great in the high-tech style.

For loft style interiors the best choice would be a metal table. Steel, zinc and brass create a durable and inexpensive item. However, do not forget that metal is prone to frequent soiling.

As you can see, each table has its pros and cons, so to facilitate the choice, it is better to choose a table that will meet such criteria:

  • fit well in the size of the space;

  • correspond to the trends that will be relevant in the next 5-10 years;

  • have a reliable construction;

  • correspond to the allocated budget.

Hopefully, these tips will help you with the right choice.


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