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Key points of the development and implementation of interior design

Not all new owners of houses or apartments choose the help of a professional when decorating a home, guided solely by their own ideas about the design or the advice of relatives and friends. Argue this choice is usually the fact that there seems to be nothing complicated and not. But is it really so? In this article we will consider the list of tasks, which are performed by designers, and whether it is possible to realize all this on their own.

The main stages of interior design:

  • development of a sketch. Designers begin with the creation of a planning solution. Here is evaluated the functionality of the layout of the house, offering possible options to optimize the space, taking into account the number of residents and their needs. Also at this stage, developed the concept of interior, distributed functional areas, selected finishing materials, a plan for arrangement of communications, placement of furniture, sanitary equipment, lighting systems, and so on. This is the first point, and it is also the most important, because the future comfort of the residents depends on the level of its implementation;

  • visualization of the draft design. At this stage a three-dimensional model of the future design is created. This is a kind of intermediate result of collaboration between the designer and the client. The client can see how his house or apartment would look like and make corrections if necessary. After the corrections are made, the client approves the property;

  • approval of technical solutions. Based on the approved visualization, a detailed drawing is developed which is necessary for the successful implementation of the project. Builders, based on the technical documentation, create cost estimates and then perform the repair work;

  • author's management. This service gives one hundred per cent guarantee that the final result is fully consistent with the approved project. The designer controls the work of construction workers, monitors deadlines, etc. In the course of execution, unforeseen situations and problems can arise, for which the joint work of both designers and builders is necessary.


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