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Interior of a child's room

The children's room is the epitome of functionality, because the child plays, learns and sleeps here. All these points should be taken into account when arranging the room.

The choice of materials

When choosing materials, you should first of all pay attention to their safety and environmental friendliness. For floors, it is best to use parquet, hard-wearing laminate, cork or board. We do not recommend using linoleum because of the toxic substances that it releases during aging. It is also better to give up on tiles, because they are slippery and a child can get injured. When choosing carpets we advise to pay attention to synthetics, because this material does not cause allergies, and it is more water-repellent and antistatic compared to natural fabrics.

For the ceiling most often choose stretch fabric options — they are more practical, easy to care for and allow you to make the interior more original (they can depict a map of the world or the starry sky). For better zoning of the room, it is better not to use gypsum board, because it is good at absorbing moisture, thereby violating the microclimate of the room. We advise to use fiberglass magnesite with high fire resistance. Safety of materials is important for wall decoration: it is better to give preference to cork wallpaper or paint water-based moisture-resistant paint, which perfectly tolerates variable humidity.

It is undesirable to glue in a room of vinyl or vinyl wallpaper. Additionally, you can install a graphite wall, on which children can draw, without organizing thereby a new overhaul. Doors in the nursery is better to choose simple, wooden, without any glass inserts, this will reduce the risk of injury and improve sound insulation.


When buying furniture, first of all, pay attention to the emission class — it should have a value of E1, which means that the furniture does not emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde and phenols. For the nursery, it is better to choose safe furniture, durable and without sharp corners. If you want to buy a bunk bed or "loft bed" for a child, be sure to look at the height of the edge — it should not be less than 20 cm.

Very practical is the purchase of furniture "for growth" (bed, changing the length, a table with adjustable height, etc.), as well as "furniture-transformers" (combined bed and table or bed and closet).


Zoning of a child's room is carried out to organize a comfortable and functional space in which the child will be comfortable and interesting. The room can be zoned not only with the help of partitions, but also thanks to various pieces of furniture (table, shelving, cabinets), textiles and multi-level ceilings. The main area of the nursery is the recreation area. For it, it is better to allocate a place that is as far away from the front door as possible.

A comfortable bed is chosen, in which you can install a separate sliding shelf where you can store bed linens, towels and other textiles. The study area is most often placed near a window, so you can take advantage of natural light. For this area need: a comfortable chair and table, artificial light sources (you can use as spot ceiling fixtures, and an ordinary desk lamp), shelves to store books and school supplies. The play area should be equipped with a soft carpet and drawers for storing toys, and this area can be combined with a sports area, placing there the wall bars or just a few pieces of equipment (rings, horizontal bar, etc.).


In modern homes, technology is present in all rooms, even in the nursery. In the child's room, it is desirable to install a humidifier, we recommend choosing a model with additional disinfecting function, in case of epidemics or diseases in the family. It is also advisable to place an air conditioner in the child's room — to maintain an optimal temperature in the room. The main thing is to make sure that the air flow was not directed directly at the child. And of course, an integral part of the room will be a TV, computer or game console (or all together). In addition, some modern manufacturers produce special children's equipment with an unusual design, which can be an interesting feature of the interior.


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