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Interior in classical style

Classic interior will always be relevant, because it is out of design trends and fashion. If new styles achieve recognition, but soon are quickly forgotten, drowning in the competition of "newcomers", then the classics will never be forgotten. The classic style is based on luxury and exquisite decoration, it is so versatile that it can fit into both a huge house and a small apartment.

The detailing of the classic style

Classic interior is very versatile, it is able to embody several styles at once. It can often be found in combination with elements of empire, baroque and classicism. A room in the classical style is refinement in all details, a harmonious combination of all elements of decor and, of course, impressive luxury. Here is the truth that the classics are not combined with, but with the now popular minimalism — no contrasting colors and furniture with strict lines.

When decorating a room in the classical style, you need to adhere to symmetry, a calm color palette and give preference only to quality materials and expensive textures, which can emphasize the sophistication of the classics.

If modern styles prefer austere furniture and a minimal amount of color, the classic style necessarily has antique furniture. And it is not necessary to look for such elements in antique stores, the most important thing is its appearance, quality and natural materials. A classic interior can be very diverse, for example, the English and French styles can be complemented by massive oak furniture, as well as light and airy. Adding stained glass in the interior, you can add a modern touch to the decoration.

Materials and color palette

In the classic style, pastel colors are most often used. This style contains almost all shades of brown: from light to the darkest tones, also in such a design will fit well pastel colors.

Often you can see two versions of the color scheme of the classic style: dark and light, indeed, the classics can be divided into two types. The first, in which exclusively dark furniture is used, which contrasts interestingly against the background of carpets and wallpaper of bright and saturated shades, often having a pronounced texture. And the second one, in which solid, light and sandy shades are used. The furniture is also made in light colors, in the choice of wallpaper usually give preference to monochrome and light colors. Such a design makes the interior more spacious and airy.

Also, it is important not to forget that the classic interior style implies the use of only natural materials such as leather, velvet, marble, expensive woods. It is worth immediately excluding cheap fakes made of plastic and chipboard.

Interior in classical style

Classical style can sometimes scare you with a luxurious decoration and an abundance of decorative details and the mere thought of the time that you will have to spend on such decoration, makes you think about the need for such an interior. But we hasten to calm you down and tell you a few tips that will help to embody the classic style in the dwelling.

The very first thing you need to pay attention to is the neutral gamma of the room, which will be perfectly combined with many decorative elements, which must necessarily complement each other, so that the interior looks harmonious.

And one more thing to remember about natural materials, because even a high-quality fake can spoil the interior, and that is why naturalness should be in everything, starting from the furniture and ending with the dishes.

The presence of decorations such as paintings, antique clocks, statuettes and candelabras is mandatory. But the most important and central decoration must be the chandelier.

Particular attention should be paid to the windows: it is better to choose heavy curtains from natural and expensive materials; such material looks especially effective on the wide and high windows.

And the cherry on the cake, as a sign of wealth and luxury will be the fireplace that will make your evenings cozy and atmospheric. If there is no possibility to install a real fireplace, a fireplace portal or an electronic fireplace is an excellent counterpart.


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