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Interior design of the attic

Owners of private houses with attics have a great opportunity to turn this room into a functional, comfortable and cozy room for any purpose. The unusual geometry of the attic has many advantages, so it allows you to implement fashionable and original ideas for interior design.

It is important to decide on the purpose of the room in the attic floor. Someone prefers to arrange here a bedroom, someone needs a place for a nursery, a study, a billiard room or even a small gym. In accordance with what purpose will be used for the top floor of the house, choose the optimal design of the attic rooms, designed the location of necessary structures, furniture, appliances.

What kind of rooms are arranged in the attic?

Depending on the needs, lifestyle, family composition, attics are used for rooms of different purposes.

The bedroom is the most popular purpose of the attic. Quiet, romantic, detached from loud sounds, the light room allows a good rest, relax, watch the sunrise or sunset, enjoy the stars.

Children's room. The attic is able to provide a child with a lot of personal space and privacy.

Guest room. If the house has enough space for all family members, attics are used as additional guest rooms.

Closet. One of the most common problems is the lack of sufficient space for storing things, clothes and other things. Therefore, the attic can be turned into a dressing room with cabinets, racks, shelves, dressers, special rods with hangers, as well as a large mirror;

Gym. Also an interesting option for using the attic. On this floor are installed simulators (one or more — depending on the area), stereo systems, shower.

Billiard room or game room with a pool table, video games, board games, etc.

Cabinet room. It is easy to arrange a working area in the attic, taking into account the type of activity.

Bathroom. Care should be taken to connect the necessary communications, performed waterproofing.

Rest room. If it is planned to make a recreation room from the attic, then, depending on the wishes of the owners, a library, TV with home theater, hookah, rocking chair can be placed here.

Design of the bedroom in the attic

Creating the design of the attic, first of all, it is worth considering your individual wishes. You also need to determine if there is enough light and add skylights if necessary. Experts provide the following tips for designing an upstairs bedroom:

  • choose compact furniture that can be easily lifted to the upper floor without cluttering the available space, and that can easily be moved when necessary;

  • for a harmonious atmosphere, buy furniture, textiles and accessories in the same style;

  • use decor functional type.

Often the attic does not have large windows, so the room needs to provide additional lighting and decorate it in a light color scheme.

Children's room in the attic

For young children, teenagers, the attic, with an interior adapted for children's needs, will be a favorite place in the house.

What you need to consider for a children's room on the top floor:

  • the stairs to this floor should be as safe as possible — with handrails and non-slip steps;

  • zoning of space helps to increase functionality (play area, recreation area, a place to do homework or hobbies)

  • built-in furniture with shelves, hangers, convenient organizers provide the comfort of storing various things, toys.

Popular design styles for the attic:

  • minimalism: does not overload the space, visually expands the room, does not allow cluttering with unnecessary elements. To implement this direction in the attic will not be difficult. The color scheme is chosen according to your desires and usually consists of 3 basic tones

  • scandinavian: this style is characterized by a sufficient amount of light (artificial and natural). Materials to be used in the Scandinavian style are mostly natural or imitating natural wood, stone, leather. The color palette can be gray and white with bright accents of blue, orange, red, brown, etc;

  • country: also based on the use of natural materials, well adapted to the features of the last floor, which is characterized by the presence of beams of the ceiling. Colors chosen are warm (yellow, brown, green, blue).

  • provence: the style, which is suitable for romantic personalities. This interior is dominated by light colors, for decorating high quality textiles, specially aged furniture is suitable. The main colors: white in the interior, pink, fuchsia and their shades.

Choose a design for your attic should take into account the area, architectural features, the height of the walls, the presence and number of open beams, is part of the roof structure.

Features of lighting for the attic

It is very good if the attic has a sufficient number of windows and there is enough daylight. But additionally it is necessary to take care of artificial sources of light, which will create a cozy atmosphere. For this purpose are used:

  • several identical chandeliers or spotlights;

  • LED strip around the perimeter of the ceiling, on the beams;

  • mobile lights with mounts to the beams;

  • wall sconces;

  • floor lamps and floor lamps mounted on a table or on the floor.

Finishing materials

Choosing the interior design of the attic, it is necessary to decide what materials will be used for finishing surfaces — walls, ceiling, floor. For the arrangement of the surfaces of the upper floor, the following options are offered:

  • natural wood panels;

  • paneling;

  • block house;

  • brick masonry;

  • plywood;

  • siding;

  • moisture-proof gypsum board;

  • decorative plaster.

For the floor is suitable tiles, wood, laminate. The ceiling can be covered with clapboard, treated with plaster or make a stretch construction (if there are no beams on the ceiling).

Choice of furniture

Developing the design of an attic bedroom or a room for other purposes, experts always pay attention to the beveled walls. Standard solutions, suitable for normal rooms, may not work and you need to develop exclusive options. Also on the choice of interior design affects the height of the ceiling, the location of the stairs, the peculiarities of the roof design.

In this case, the furniture is chosen oversized - beds without a massive frame, instead of large chairs — chairs and poufs, lightweight racks — instead of cabinets. Optimal is the choice of modular built-in furniture with placement along straight walls. Also in the area of the end wall you can install an artificial or even a real fireplace.


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