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Important components of the English style in the interior

Often the English style is compared to the classics — it is just as refined, elegant, requiring a lot of space. But let's be honest, sticking to all the traditions of a certain style to make it look natural and practical is quite difficult. So we decided to break down the main elements that are characteristic of the English interior. Using only a few of them in the house, you will be able to bring the atmosphere of British aristocracy into the house.

Chesterfield sofa, armchairs and recliners

This model of sofa is known all over the world. The characteristic twisted shapes and quilted elements make it stand out from the other models. Often it is used as a spectacular accent in the living room. If you want to emphasize its "English roots", you should give preference to black leather upholstery.

In an English interior there is always quite a lot of free space. Therefore, the owners have the opportunity to buy armchairs and recliners for almost every room. They can beneficially fit into any interior and emphasize the status of the house and owners. In terms of upholstery, it is best to give preference to leather, high-quality fabric or quilted upholstery.

Special attention should be paid to the fireplace chair. Such an armchair is usually upholstered in leather, chenille or velvet, it has curved legs and a high back. Such furniture is made according to all modern processes, but taking into account the bicentennial tradition (cushions are made on springs). Wood is used for the frame of the chair. A mandatory component — soft armrests-valves.

The fireplace

The fireplace is an integral part of English dwellings. England is famous for its cool and rainy climate, so this element of the interior becomes incredibly popular and necessary in the home. Around the fireplace are often gathered for family and friendly gatherings. The British prefer to install real fireplaces, electric models, lined with stone or wood are extremely rare.


In almost every English home you can find a home library. It can be a separate room, or simply an open shelving unit the full height of one of the walls. The shelves are best made of natural wood. Also advise to put near a collection of books comfortable armchairs, a floor lamp and a coffee table.

Vegetable print and checkerboard

One of the most popular ornaments in England is the cage. It is worth using in textiles, but do not forget that the abundance of geometric designs can spoil the overall picture of the interior. You can also use the currently popular plant print, which will create an atmosphere of naturalness and tranquility.

Classic faucets

English faucet design is absolutely not inherent minimalist notes. Use classic shapes, elegant faucet and handles. Care of such elements is a little more difficult than conventional ones, but the aesthetic component will definitely make up for it all.

Natural Wood

In the English style, the emphasis is on tradition, quality and functionality. Therefore, they don't save on materials and order furniture made of natural wood. Also ceiling beams and wooden wall panels are often used.


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