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How to increase the amount of light in the interior

The lack of natural light in the home is a fairly common problem that many designers and homeowners have faced. Some decide to fix this deficiency with a major renovation, but fortunately, there is an easier way out of this situation. There are a few tips on how to make a room lighter without much effort.

The benefits of good lighting in a dwelling are undeniable. Enough light visually increases the space, reduces stress levels and accentuates the interior perfectly. If you are interested in this topic, we offer a detailed consideration of tips to make the house lighter.

Glass partitions

For interior partitions most often use gypsum board or aerated concrete, but we have a much more interesting solution for you — glass. For example, replacing the wall between the kitchen and living room will allow light to spread better throughout the house. Also, glass partitions perfectly solve the issue of zoning the room and are perfect for any interior style.

Light floors

Solving the problem of lighting, people often do not think that the flooring can easily help. It really is a great way to go about it. Light-colored granite or marble have excellent light-reflecting properties, thanks to which such a floor will not only benefit the interior, but also fill the entire room with light. If you do not like stone, we advise you to pay attention to the light wood, which can also help with the lack of light.

Color Palette

Even since school we know about the light-reflecting "abilities" of some colors: dark shades attract light, light — it reflects. It is these properties should be paid attention to when choosing a color scheme for the interior.

Also, do not forget about a simple trick with the ceiling. If you make it a few tones lighter than the walls, then the room will visually become higher and wider. And it's also important to pay attention to the level of gloss: for light colors, it's better to choose a high level of gloss, for dark colors — on the contrary.

Positioning mirrors

Mirrors are a real salvation for poorly lit spaces, because thanks to their correct positioning, the light in the room can be doubled. But the main thing is not to forget one rule: mirrors should be placed on the wall perpendicular to the window, so the light will be reflected into the room, not back to the street. And besides, stylish mirrors will be a great addition to your interior.

The right furniture

If there is a certain point in the room from which you can't see the window, it's worth considering — and whether the furniture in the room is properly placed. Try to make a rearrangement, and better at all — replace the massive furniture with a lighter and lower one. Open shelves, small bedside tables and glass tops, a low bed on thin legs. Such a change will help to increase the light in the room and get rid of unnecessary shadows.

Freeing up window sills

Windows should not be closed by unnecessary elements of the interior. It is best to give preference to houseplants as decor. They will not only bring freshness into your home, but also create a unique spring atmosphere.

Reflective surfaces

Another helper in reflecting light can be objects that have the right properties, they can be part of the decoration and furniture. Metal details, light acrylic furniture, tiles, glossy enamel — all this will help us to solve our problem. And even minimalist decor of all sorts of metallic and gilded materials can brighten and decorate your interior.

And lastly

And now will be the most banal and simple advice. Sometimes, in order to make the room brighter, you just need to wash the windows. If every last day of the month you will devote to clean windows, then the light in the house will be much more.


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