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How to choose the right decorative elements

Before you start choosing decor for the room — it should be properly "uncluttered. To do this, you can use the advice of the world-famous expert on home order Marie Kondo, who claims that you should get rid of all the things that do not cause you joy. This principle can also be guided by the choice of decor, because what is the point in accessories that do not bring you aesthetic pleasure.

Once there are only necessary things in the room, you can proceed to the selection of elements of decor. Conventionally it can be divided into three groups: aesthetic, functional and the one that combines the previous two. Do not forget that the decor is not only about beauty, but also about the organization of space and a way to create a beautiful bright accents that emphasize the basic interior.

For example, recently the trend of using eco-decor has become very popular, which helps to relax and bring the spring atmosphere into the house. Many designers are of the opinion that green decor is a necessary component of the interior. But if you do not like (or do not have time) to take care of houseplants, you can use pictures of flowers and trees or different textiles with floral or plant prints.

To create a cozy and comfortable interior, first of all you need to understand what mood you want to create in the house. To do this, you need to listen to yourself and add a touch of individuality to the decoration. It is not necessary to plan the decor at once, unlike the interior design and arrangement of furniture. Think about what you are missing at the moment, what you would like to add and what you want to keep away from yourself.

When choosing a design you should be guided primarily by your own hobbies. For example, if you're interested in paintings, you can look for reproductions of famous paintings or visit exhibitions of contemporary artists, perhaps there you will find something to your liking. If you are a fan of music, the interior can be decorated with turntables and vinyls, this will create a unique creative atmosphere.

If you lack motivation, you can find in different design stores interesting posters with inspirational lyrics. So the interior will be even closer to your personality.

You can often find advice that all elements of the decor should be thought out in advance. But it can also be so that a spontaneous purchase will be a wonderful addition to your interior. In the design will fit well items of decor, brought from trips. Such things will not only complement the interior well, but will be a reminder of the trip.

It is also important not to forget about the details, because the decor is not only figurines, paintings and vases. The interior can become more interesting also due to the unusual handles on the doors and cabinets, bright rugs and exotic patterns on the backs of chairs. A simple and original way to bring new colors into the interior can be the restoration of old furniture (repainting grandmother's chairs or using a rocking chair).

Another interesting design solution is the use of bowls and trays in the interior. Such elements are multifunctional: firstly, they can be used as places to store jewelry and all sorts of small household items; secondly, they will look great in original themed compositions: just put them home plants, or flowers in a vase and a favorite statuette, such an element can decorate any interior; and thirdly, they can be used as an independent part of design.

Do not lose sight of the seasonal décor. For example, in the spring the house can be decorated with bouquets of daisies and lilies of the valley, and in the fall — with a composition of yellowed leaves. Do not be afraid to change the interior according to the weather and season, because such a decision will allow you to maintain an atmosphere of coziness and naturalness in the house.

And at the end let's talk about "invisible" decorations, this is now we're talking about fragrances. With their help, you can organize the desired atmosphere without much effort. Missed the warmth and relaxation? A seaside fragrance to the rescue. Need a pick-me-up? Use citrus and rosemary. Or on the contrary, you need to relax? Vanilla and lemon balm can create such an atmosphere.


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