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Home Lighting

Lighting has an important role in decorating, because it not only provides the room with light, but can also create the right atmosphere in the house. Today we will tell you how to use light to accentuate an interior and create the right accents.

Multilevel lighting

Multilevel placement implies the presence of several lights arranged on different levels. The composition of lighting fixtures may include several types of light sources: ceiling lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, table and bedside lamps, etc. Combinations of different light sources allow for different illumination, depending on the situation and needs. For ceilings, we suggest choosing models with diffused light to create a uniform glow in the room.

Selecting the light for a dark interior

Rooms, decorated in dark colors, create a special atmosphere of sensuality and coziness, such an interior looks expensive and luxurious. But this design has two significant drawbacks: first, the room in dark colors seems smaller, and secondly, such shades absorb light. Therefore, to avoid the latter, in such rooms you need to choose brighter light sources than in other rooms. Massive chandeliers will create a glamorous accent, and local lights will give coziness.

Create accents with light

For large rooms such as the living room or kitchen, it's best to set up zoning with lighting. Thanks to spotlights, you can emphasize different places in the room: to illuminate the dining table or create a comfortable place for reading or crafts. Also, you can use decorative lighting, if you want to emphasize a certain element of the interior, for example, a picture or some collection.

Use a chandelier

Large glass or crystal chandeliers are not only a symbol of wealth, but also an opportunity to increase the amount of light. Reflected in the pendants, it scatters throughout the room and provides bright lighting. And if you place the chandelier opposite the mirror, then, with the help of reflection, there will be twice as much light.

Regulate the light

If you need bright light for reading, dimmed light for watching a movie, and background light for working, we have good news for you — all of this can be achieved with just one fixture! You can do it with a dimmer, a mechanism for adjusting light levels. It allows you to adjust the light to your needs at that particular moment.

Light for a small room

A small area somewhat limits the choice of furniture and color palette, but if you choose the right light, you can slightly hide these shortcomings. To begin with, you should immediately give up large lamps and chandeliers, it is best to give preference to spotlights.

LED lighting

Recently, LED lighting has become a very popular trend in the world of design. There are several ways to use it: to embed the lighting in the baseboard, floor, walls, furniture, decorative elements and more. Such lighting will refresh your interior and make it brighter and more modern.

Warm light

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxing at home, it is better to choose lights that emit warm light (the one that is slightly yellowish), it disposes to relaxation. For your work areas it's best to choose cool, white light.


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