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Home cinema setup

Home cinema is increasingly common in modern homes, it will help to create a special atmosphere in the house and have a great time after a hard day. In this article, we will consider all the details of home cinema arrangement: from the choice of the screen to the peculiarities of the interior.

Preparing the room

For a movie theater is suitable as a separate room, and a place allocated in the room. Suitable and living room, but carefully prepared just for this purpose.

Installing a home movie theater is best to think about even at the stage of repair and layout of the room. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of wall decoration: bright wallpaper or large patterns will distract attention from the screen. The currently popular light shades of walls also won't help to recreate the design of the cinema, so the best option is a darker shade of wall decoration.

Next, you need to choose the right light. If you decide to install a movie theater in the living room, it is better to close the windows with dark, thick curtains or blinds. Thus you can organize a home movie at any time of day, and you will not interfere with the reflection of the window on the screen. If you decide to allocate a separate room in the basement, the design of the cinema will be much easier. After all, in this space most often, or no windows, or they are very small. Also to the advantages include the fact that if you prefer a bright interior of the house, then the decorated dark finish basement will not be conspicuous as a dark living room. But we got a little distracted by the lighting. In the living room for the "movie area" is better to install spotlights, since, objectively, they will be used infrequently. If the home movie theater will be installed in a separate room, it is better to install spot lighting over the entire area.

Soundproofing is an important part of the home cinema. First, you will not interfere with any sounds from the outside, and secondly, you will not interfere with the other occupants of the house. But it is better to avoid glass and mirror surfaces in your home cinema as they reflect sound, distorting and amplifying it.

How to choose the right screen

In principle, you can simply buy a large TV. But if you want to recreate the atmosphere of a real movie theater, a vinyl screen is an excellent choice.

There are two kinds of screens: roll-up and stretch screens. Stretch screen will last longer and give a sharper image, but the roll screen can be rolled up and removed if necessary.

Choosing a projector

For home cinema, projectors with an expansion of 1280×800 pixels are suitable. The device is placed on a special box, which can be placed by the wall in front of the screen or between chairs. You can place it on the coffee table in front of the screen, but there is a chance that you will be disturbed by wires and light that goes into the projector vents.

You can also, with special designs, place the projector on the ceiling. Then you can hide all the cables and the projector itself will not take up space where it is more convenient to put armchairs or sofas. Or you can find a variant with no wires at all, thanks to modern technology.

Placement of sound equipment

The most common are two formats of audio systems: 5.1 and 7.1 — that is, a system with five speakers or, respectively, seven. The size of the room will help you to decide on your choice: if the room is small, it's better to make do with five speakers, if the room is big — make sure you have seven. It is better to arrange the speakers at your discretion, the most popular layout for five speakers: four in the corners and one near the screen. When arranging the speakers, it is better to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is not necessary to put the speakers in a single line, this will prevent you from hearing the full depth of sound;

  • speakers placed near the seats should be aimed towards the screen, not the audience, so the ears will be more pleasant to perceive the sound.

The last step is the furniture

For seating you can choose anything you like — a big sofa, sack chairs, rows of "movie" soft chairs, cushions, etc. The main thing is to calculate in advance how many people will be watching the movie.

Home cinema is a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of favorite movies, not leaving home, while spending not so much time and effort.


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