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High-Tech Kitchen

The high-tech kitchen is a stylish, multifunctional and practical room. It intertwines a creative interior, comfort and technology. Each element of design should harmoniously complement the interior and look modern. For example, the choice of a massive table should be abandoned, it is better to give preference to a minimalistic model, which will not overload the space. And the lighting should visually enlarge the room.

Why Hi-Tech?

The room, decorated in the High-Tech style, is considered a masterpiece of modern home design. This direction is characterized by an abundance of light, the rationality of the use of bright accents and strict lines.

The main positive aspects of the style of Hi-Tech:

  • minimal amount of decor;

  • original design;

  • economical and comfortable arrangement of furniture and equipment;

  • rational planning of space;

  • the use of clear lines, which makes the room more neat and elegant.

High-tech is great for both large and small kitchens, the main thing is to choose the right furniture and kitchen utensils. Often for small kitchens they use coffee tables-transformers, as they can be "turned" into a full dining place at any time, and the rest of the time it will not load the space. Also a popular option for Hi-Tech is built-in appliances, which allows you to unload the room as much as possible. And if we talk about the kitchen set, the models with closed fronts without seams, made of plastic, will do.


Lighting is an important factor in the interior of the High-Tech style, in the selection of light sources you can take into account the following "combinations":

  • a combination of a large chandelier, which is installed in the center of the room, and spotlights, which are placed in the working area;

  • illumination, installed in a suspended ceiling;

  • lighting fixtures built into the furniture, as well as light panels on the ceiling;

  • sharpened lights around the perimeter of the room.

Color Palette and Materials

The basic colors for covering the walls are light gray or white, very rarely black is used, the same applies to the floor. For the flooring most often stone, ceramic tiles, plastic panels, porcelain stoneware or laminate are used. The floor must be in harmony with the finish of the ceiling and walls.


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