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Glass in the modern home

In today's design world, more and more often glass is used. This is primarily due to the fact that glass can visually expand the boundaries of rooms. Also, with the help of this material, it is possible to delimit the room, while maintaining the commonly used space.

Another important advantage of glass is its functionality. After all, in addition to standard windows, vases, dishes, etc., glass can be used to make partitions, doors, furniture and finishing work. Glass has long since lost its fragility than significantly expanded its scope of application.

Glass in the interior

Using this material is also useful from a psychological point of view, as glass allows you to avoid confined space and get rid of a sense of claustrophobia. This will be especially useful for small rooms with low ceilings. And by replacing an ordinary partition with glass, you can increase the amount of natural light in the house. And if you are just starting a renovation and want to install a glass partition, we advise you to put it only on one side to avoid the effect of an "aquarium".

Do not forget that this material is quite austere, so the interior should be diluted with bright accents, which can be textiles, decor or furniture. And instead of a solid transparent surface, you can use translucent bricks or blocks. You can also turn to modern developments and buy translucent structures with variable transparency (ideal for bathroom and bedroom) or glass partitions with heating.

In country houses, glass partitions are most often installed in the area of stairwells and between the bedroom and bathroom. In stair constructions, glass and metal replaced the traditional balusters.

Glass in room design

Let's look at a few ideas used by designers. For hallways, for example, an interesting feature will be glass doors leading into the living room, it can become the centerpiece of the room. Glass can also be used as a material for the floor. This choice may be due to the need to illuminate the lower floor or just as an original design move.

In the kitchen, glass has become a particularly popular material. It is used to make bar counters, kitchen sets, hoods and other elements. Glass is used as the main or auxiliary material for the table. And of course we should mention dishes and all sorts of decorative elements that give the interior lightness and aesthetics.

Glass partitions look good in the living room. With their help, you can organize the zoning of the room and divide the room into functional zones. Particularly relevant are radius solutions, replacing the usual straight edges.

Glass in the bedroom can be used as transparent doors for a closet compartment, it is better to give preference to matte or colored surfaces. Not bad will complement the interior and sliding, half transparent, doors.

Just do not forget that in any design, the most important thing is moderation. That is, the abundance of glass can easily spoil your interior and make it uncomfortable. The aesthetic result can be guaranteed only by combining glass elements with metal or wood and the use of compositional contrast for the embodiment of design intricacies.

Glass in the bathroom

Glass in the bathroom can perform a variety of functions. From standard cabinets, shelves and various accessories to separating elements. Today, shower enclosures are increasingly used to replace shower cabins. Such enclosures are created to order. They can be equipped with fittings, made of frosted glass and embodying any ideas of the designer, up to panels and stained-glass windows.

As for finishes, the use of glass tiles is becoming increasingly popular today. And in combination with transparent shelves and partitions you can get an elegant and modern interior.

Stained glass windows

The use of stained glass or patterns on the glass in the room brings interesting accents to the room. While strict glass designs are more typical of modern styles, stained glass ones belong more to vintage, art deco. Only it is worth considering that stained glass becomes the main component of the interior, which creates an interesting color effect. The use of a stained glass ceiling is more appropriate for a room in a classic style.


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