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Fabric or leather furniture upholstery?

Recently, when buying furniture, the question arises more and more often: which upholstery is better? People are lost in the abundance of choice of upholstery materials in the store. It is often difficult for buyers to choose between cloth and leather, because the first is less presentable and hard to care for, and the second — the fastidious in care and expensive. So in this article we will figure out which upholstery is better.

Fabric upholstery


  • easy care (most modern fabrics can be easily cleaned with a trivial vacuum cleaner, brush and soap solution, and it does not lose its original appearance after cleaning. Also, some companies provide options, manufactured by innovative technology that allows you to remove stains with almost damp cloths);

  • a wide range of designs and textures (there are a lot of different fabrics on the market, which differ from each other by colors, decor, texture and tactile sensations. At your choice are: velvet, Chenille, velour, cork, flock, microfiber and many others. Fabrics are not limited by the complexity of patterns and structure. There are textured and smooth fabrics, with different pile heights, imitating natural textures);

  • low cost (prices of fabric can vary dramatically, it all depends on its quality and composition, but even the most fashionable and nanotechnology model will be many times cheaper than natural leather).


  • the service life (it depends on various factors of use and proper care. The average age of a sofa with fabric upholstery — 5 years, after the furniture begins to lose its original appearance);

  • burnout in the sun (most fabrics lose color saturation after a long stay in the sun, the exception is the material that has a special coating against burnout).

Features of the choice:

  • if your house is often visited by guests and noisy parties, it is worth considering Teflon coating, as this material is quite wear-resistant and has water-resistant properties;

  • if there are pets in the house, then the best choice would be a fabric with a short pile, thanks to which your pet will not leave a snag on the sofa.

Leather upholstery


  • durability (leather is highly durable compared to other types of upholstery material. Products made of leather hold their original appearance for years);

  • luxury (leather upholstery favorably emphasizes the status of the owner. Moreover, such furniture belongs to the timeless classics — it is relevant now and will be relevant in 10 years);

  • temperature control (leather furniture is able to hold the optimum temperature even when it abrupt changes);

  • "breathing" properties (since leather is a natural material, it is easily permeable to air, thereby increasing the life of the furniture).


  • high cost (leather is a valuable material, so furniture using it is much more expensive for fabric models);

  • special care (in order for leather furniture to keep its original appearance, it is necessary to constantly maintain an optimal level of moisture in the room and several times a year to treat the upholstery with special products).

Tips when buying:

  • if there are traces on the sofa from food or some household items, by no means use conventional stain removers, because chemicals can irrevocably ruin the appearance of the furniture. It is better to find out when purchasing the product, which means should be used to clean the surface and only use them in the future;

  • if there are pets in the house, it is better to choose thick, rough leather, because scratches will not be very noticeable.

Also in recent times there is a new trend — eco-leather (fabric, imitating natural leather). This material is easy to care for and clean, and it also has a high performance.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages in both types of upholstery, so now it's just a matter of your taste preferences and the overall style of the house.


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