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Dressing table in the bedroom interior

In this article we will talk about the subtleties of selection and varieties of dressing table, as well as how to properly select this piece of furniture to match the interior of the room.


One of the most significant criteria for choosing a table — its size. It depends on it, how convenient it will be to sit at it and store all sorts of cosmetic and household items.

The height of the table should not be less than 75 cm. This parameter is chosen depending on the height of the hostess and the length of the product itself (the smaller it is — the higher the table). Most often the maximum height of tables reaches 80 cm.

The minimum width of furniture is 26 cm. This parameter is worth paying special attention to, because it depends on the convenience of placing cosmetics on the table top.

The length is determined by the size of the bedroom. It also depends on the design features of the table: whether it has built-in light bulbs or drawers, their number and size. An important factor is the adjoining mirror: its width should not exceed the length of the table. The minimum length of the table is considered 45 cm.

Types of constructions

In the modern furniture market, the following types can be distinguished:

  • classic table — has the design of an ordinary table, attached to the wall, on which a mirror is installed. Some models have a drawer;

  • tricky furniture — furniture with a high mirror, which is built into the table top from the inside. In most cases it is equipped with a cabinet or drawers. There are some models of the truce with a folding mirror, and you can also buy a corner truce, which is compact and roomy;

  • trellage is a design similar to the truismo, the only difference is that it has not one but three mirrors. The central mirror is fixed, while the side mirrors can be moved. This provides an opportunity to look at yourself from different angles.

Features of the location

Most often it is included in the bedroom set together with the closet and bed, so the table can be placed on the side of the dresser or closet. However, if the bedroom is cramped, you can put it in the bathroom or spacious hallway.

When choosing where to place it, pay attention to the lighting: the light should be soft and not harmful to the eyes.

For convenient use of the iron, hair dryer and other electrical devices, it is better to place the table near the socket.


It is desirable to put a table near a window so there was no lack of natural light. But it is not necessary to put it directly near the window to avoid glare.

In addition to daylighting you need to think about artificial lighting. The light should be soft and diffused. To do this you can use sconces or fixtures of white glass (colored can distort the color of the face).

There are make-up models of mirrors (with built-in lighting).

Style solutions

When choosing a dressing table is also important to consider the style design of the room. Consider some options:

  • for the classical style will suit a table of standard form with restrained design. Such models are often made of wood and complemented by decorative elements of bronze or copper;

  • for minimalism or high-tech best suit the models of correct geometric shape, without carvings and patterns. They are made of wood, metal and glass. The color scheme is black, white, dark brown and cool shades of gray;

  • for provence the installation of a restrained wooden table with a minimal amount of decoration and carving will be appropriate.

In today's furniture market a wide range of models and designs of dressing tables, which are able to satisfy any needs. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you. Then you will have a personal corner of care and self-care.


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