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Dining room lighting

For a dining room to be as comfortable and cozy as possible, furniture and beautiful kitchen utensils alone are not enough. Lighting plays an important role in any room, and the kitchen is no exception. If you choose the right light sources, it turns out to transform even the most drab room.

The selection of lamps and their location primarily depends on the chosen interior, as well as on the location of the dining table. The dining room does not need to have central lighting, unlike other rooms. A few local sources of light will be quite enough.

Choice of lighting

Among the different lighting options we can distinguish the following:

1. the first option — "traditional": the table is in the center of the room, and above it is placed a lamp, most often it is one. The lampshade can be made of any material. If this option suits you, then during the planning of the house, it is worth immediately taking into account the placement of the dining area, to conduct electricity there;

2. the second option will suit those whose table is not in the center of the dining room. In this case, you can install non-uniform light sources or floating lighting, which is controlled by moving levers.

The distance of the light source from the table depends on how bright the light emits. The brighter the light, the further away from the table, and vice versa: if the light source is not too bright, it should be as close to the table as possible.

If the dining table is oblong, it is best to place a few lights above it, but the light from them must not get into anyone's eyes. Therefore, it is worth placing light sources so that the glow is directed down to the table.

In a classic interior in the kitchen, a chandelier will fit best, because it complements well the luxurious and massive furniture inherent in this style.

Special attention should be paid to dimmers (electronic devices designed to change the electric power), with their help you can adjust the lighting, focusing on your own needs. Dimmer will help to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere with dim lights, and bright lights are perfect for family dinners.

If you are a fan of unconventional notes in the interior, then it is worth looking at the lights of the original forms. The furnishings of the dining room should be approached with special responsibility, because this is the room, the atmosphere of which disposes to cordial communication and carefree pastime.


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