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Decorating the yard

Probably no one will argue that the yard at home plays a very important role, as it is on how it is decorated, depends on your comfort.

The area around the house can be used as a place for recreation, or for growing vegetables, fruits and plants. It should have a neat and interesting look, because it is important to think not only about the interior of the house, and its exterior, because first of all look not at what is inside the house, but at what is outside. So the area around your home needs to be landscaped at a decent level, and today we will tell you how to do it.

Zoning the yard of a private home

You should start to decorate the yard with the division of its functional zones. To do this, you should determine in advance what you want to see at your home. Perhaps your goal is solely the economic use of the territory. Or do you want to decorate the yard with flowers and shrubs? A completely different approach to decoration should be applied if the yard is planned to be used primarily for recreation. In this case, you need to think about the location of benches or lounge chairs, flower beds, a pool and possibly a gazebo, playground and barbecue.

Making a plan of the yard, clearly indicate the places where there will be: buildings: summer shower, garage, shed, bathhouse, gazebo; city: the location of beds with vegetables should meet their need for sun; garden: specify where and what trees and shrubs will grow, taking into account their compatibility and the shade they will create; dog kennel and aviary; pond or pool; flower beds or decorative plantings; playground, paths. Create with your own hands a clear plan on paper or with a computer program, respecting the scale.

Pathways in the yard of a private house

We have already noted that the location of all paths should be applied in advance to the drawings of the yard. You should also think in advance what materials they will be made of. The choice should depend on the overall design style of the yard.

What materials to make paths in the yard

Stone and concrete slabs

Not a cheap option and is suitable for the front yard. Gaps between the paved fragments filled with sand, pebbles or plant there low-growing plants that do not require special care.

Round sawn or garden parquet

Such paths will be suitable primarily for the design of the courtyard. The cracks are best filled with sawdust or fine bark. To delimit the front flower beds or the area near the house, it is better to fill the cracks formed in the masonry material with sand, gravel or pebbles. Wooden paths in the courtyard should not be made smooth and clear. It is very important to thoroughly and repeatedly treat the material with special means for external finishing.

Designers advise using simple, easy-to-clean walkways in close proximity to the house. The once popular option of pouring the yard with concrete has long lost relevance. Mainly due to low aesthetics and lack of coziness.

Principles of landscaping your own yard

It is impossible to create a truly beautiful yard with your own hands without the right selection and arrangement of vegetation. Landscaping, according to designers — the key point of design. Even minor mistakes can lead to a violation of harmony and style of landscape design.

Chestnut trees over lava will create a beautifully shaded area for relaxation. Coniferous mixborders will give a special flavor to the yard of a private home. With juniper or other low ornamental crops will come out wonderful borders. Fir or pine trees will refresh the look of the yard and the surrounding air. Ornamental plants with unusual shape and coloring of leaves — always in honor.

Designers advise not to use vegetation of dark green shades, if the yard is small — they will make it visually even smaller. Flower gardens deserve special attention. The choice of plants for them is incredibly large.

Creating a flower garden in the yard of a private house, keep in mind a few rules:

  • select plants with different blooming periods, so that the flower bed will not remain empty or with bald spots;

  • tall plants should be planted in the center of the flower bed, and low plants at the edges;

  • should not use too great a variety of flowers in one flower bed; match the flowers to your region and the area allocated for their planting.

Remember: you can't have plants that like different conditions: watering, light and soil nutrition in the same flower bed.

These tips will help your yard not only to be cozy and stylish, but also to please all who visit your dwelling. Plus, you yourself will love a neat and cozy yard outside your home.


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