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Dark laminate in the interior

Flooring is an important element of the interior of any style. Today there are many materials designed for flooring and laminate is very popular — multi-layered decorative boards made of chipboard or fiberboard of different colors, with a possible imitation of natural wood or natural stone. In this case, a dark laminate in the interior is a trend and is used in modern design projects for the arrangement of apartments and houses.

Depending on the features and area of the room, the chosen stylistic direction of the laminate for laying is selected in the form of boards of rectangular shape or square art tiles. Take into account that the dark laminate is not necessarily black. Modern manufacturers provide the opportunity to choose such a shade, which fully corresponds to the projected design:

  • natural oak;

  • stained oak with an almost black color;

  • dark chocolate;

  • exotic wenge wood;

  • mahogany with copper or gold streaks against the warm chocolate background

  • rosewood with a reddish shade;

  • Ebony in dark brown

  • cherry.

It should also be noted that dark laminate can be painted with an original imitation of different surfaces:

  • luxurious natural stone (marble, granite) for classic and neoclassical interiors;

  • tinted laconic concrete for hi-tech, modern and minimalistic style;

  • aged natural wood with simulated small scuffs, scratches, cracks to reproduce the vintage style.

Laminate in the interior

It should be noted that the dark laminate in the interior is appropriate, if the area allows it. In the case when the room is small and poorly lit, the darkened floor will create a dull atmosphere. And vice versa. If the rooms are spacious enough, then laminate in dark colors will allow you to implement non-standard solutions, will fill the void well, will give the interior peace and coziness.

A few more useful tips from experienced experts on decorating the interior with dark laminate:

  • the furniture is selected by contrasting colors or with a difference of 1-2 tones (lighter or darker)

  • The same shade of floor and ceiling are allowed to use if there is an appropriate accent (for example, a carpet of a contrasting shade).

  • correctly selected in the composition of the cold shades emphasize the atmosphere of universal peace;

  • if the room gets a lot of sunlight, then the black floor — not really a practical option, it will always be visible traces of dust and various micro-particles. It is better to use a dark brown, cherry color laminate;

  • if the house is small, it is better not to use laminate with different decor (drawings, colors). This will provoke a visual reduction of already small space;

  • the color of the floor should match the color of the doors, but it should be a little lighter.

Living room

Usually the living room is a room in which residents of the house and guests constantly gather. Therefore, when planning the interior design of this room, the flooring should be given special attention. Modern experts offer many interesting ideas, in which dark laminate is used:

  • contrasting interior classic black and white color;

  • the laminate is selected wenge or stained oak;

  • the walls and ceiling are made in pure white or with the addition of shades of white;

  • the furniture is chosen in appropriate light colors;

  • provides a rich supply of light (panoramic windows, stylish elements of artificial lighting — lamps, pendant lights, sconces, floor lamps);

  • black laminate flooring, silver walls, sandy curtains and pearl-colored furniture. Such an interior is filled with tranquility and looks quite chic at the same time. As an accent, you can use a white carpet and a black coffee table with a glossy surface.

The original interior can be created by applying a dark floor and dark ceiling. White walls will give space, expanding the boundaries. This option is acceptable for rooms with high ceilings, when you need to visually increase the room;

Black and white gamut, which uses a dark floor, dark walls and adding steel elements (wall panels, decor, light furnishings).

In the kitchen

The kitchen is the center of hygiene and comfort at the same time, so it should be clean and comfortable.

Thanks to the floor of dark laminate, the kitchen will look perfect if you combine dark colors with light wooden furniture (white, milky, soft blue shades).

Another option for the kitchen interior is a dark wenge floor and finish the walls, ceiling, made in warm beige tones.

If the black laminate has a noticeable pattern under the natural wood, it is easy to reproduce the fashionable eco-style. To complete the interior, the furniture can be selected in beige colors, and the countertops — in a dark shade that is identical to the color of the floor. An advantageous accent — green plants in pots.

In the bedroom

If you properly calculate the interior, the bedroom with a dark floor will be filled with an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Preference is given to the colors of a calm range, which set up for a good rest.

Black laminate is combined with white walls and ceiling. The furniture can also be in dark tones, but with light accents. Add elegance can be a stylish white floor lamps, a large chandelier, paintings in dark frames.

If the wenge laminate is used, then gray walls, white ceiling, red elements of furniture and decorations can be well combined with such a floor.

Laminate with the color of stained oak looks advantageous together with light walls and ceiling, dark curtains, furniture with warm colors (cappuccino, milk, beige).

Why does dark laminate fit well in interiors?

Noble and luxurious modern interiors are created with dark laminate, as such flooring blends well with different styles, adds a highlight to the space, claims exquisite exclusivity. The main advantages of using dark laminate are as follows:

  • the original play of contrasts, which is very loved by professional designers. Dark flooring catches the eye, is a winning accent, sets the tone for the entire interior;

  • a great opportunity to fill the emptiness of large rooms without extra cost;

  • respectability. A dark floor looks more effective than a light one;

  • universality. Black, dark brown, dark cherry laminate looks good in different styles — classic, modern, high-tech, minimalism.

What styles are dark laminate suitable for?

Due to its versatility, dark-colored laminate is perfect for many popular stylistic trends.


Classical interiors are created with the help of laminate in the color of stained oak, wenge, aged wood. Of course, it is better to combine such a floor with massive furnishing elements made of natural wood, glass, metal. Also attached are large chandeliers with crystal pendants, elegant floor lamps.


Balance is obtained through the use of rosewood, ebony, cherry, mahogany laminate and dark wood panels on the walls. It is desirable to choose light furniture — beige, milk shade, cappuccino. Coziness is added by carpets or quality textiles.


It is known that minimalism is used in rooms with a large area, so a dark floor is the best option. The walls and ceiling can be contrasting white, light milky. Furniture — warm brown, with soft fabrics, large curtains of chocolate or coffee shades, white lamps on nightstands.


Dark floor will allow you to choose functional furniture in black with steel or glass elements. It is advisable to paint the walls in light gray and white. Sources of light are panoramic windows and a large number of concealed fixtures.

The practicality of dark laminate

Many people choose this flooring not only because it looks aesthetic. Practicality is also an important attribute of dark laminate, and it shows its corresponding benefits in everyday life.


Significant advantages include:

  • no need for daily cleaning and rubbing with special agents for shine (the exception is glossy black laminate, which features an almost mirror-like surface);

  • visual concealment of sharp corners, irritating to the eyes contrast of furniture and wall and ceiling surfaces;

  • ease of reproduction of almost any design style;

  • imperceptibility of stains, dirt (except dust);

  • increased comfort and a feeling of comfort only through a properly chosen color scheme of the overall interior.


Of course, in addition to the advantages, there are also some disadvantages, which include:

  • dark laminate is not suitable for rooms with a small area, makes them look like unsightly caves;

  • if you choose an amateur designer, then there is a risk to get an interior that will suppress the mental state, provoke the emergence of bad moods, depression;

  • you need to make sure that the dust is cleaned in time, as on a dark background it is dust that is the most noticeable type of pollution.


Dark laminate must be monitored and cared for in accordance with the recommendations of experts. Therefore, here are a few tips to help keep it clean without streaks:

  • remove any dirt as much as possible in a timely manner;

  • dry clean daily. You can use a vacuum cleaner;

  • damp cleaning arrange 1-2 times a week. Wash the floor paved with laminate, better in the direction in which the boards are laid;

  • use products designed specifically for laminate and which contain abrasive elements, mixtures containing ammonia;

  • do not use metal brushes or sponges to remove dirt, stains. It is better to use microfiber cloths.

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