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Dark curtains in the interior

It is a well-known fact that curtains are designed to create a complete look in the interior, but they also perform several other very important functions. Correctly chosen curtains help to create a general composition by linking together the elements of the room. The dark curtains are also able to make the light room darker, this can be used in bedroom, because the absence of sunlight will provide quality sleep. So, as you have already understood, today we will analyze the key aspects of the choice of dark curtains in the interior.


Let's first deal with what exactly the shades of curtains refer to dark colors. First and foremost, of course, this includes black, which gives the room a classic elegance. But if this coloring seems too gloomy, then you can opt for chocolate or dark brown shades, such colors give the room a feeling of warmth and comfort. In terms of brighter colors of dark shades should pay attention to the following options: burgundy, sapphire, indigo, ultramarine, wine, dark red, olive.

What room should have dark curtains?

Dark curtains will fit perfectly in almost any room, giving it luxury and aesthetic rigor. But this kind of design should always take into consideration the general interior. If you act at random, then even the most interesting design decisions will go to waste. After all, the wrongly selected curtains can make a gloomy cave from a bright room, as well as from a room in colder tones. Therefore, in order for dark curtains to favorably emphasize the interior of the room, it must meet the following points: spaciousness, quality lighting, high ceilings.

Black drapes look especially good in large rooms. For example, in living rooms, where there is always a lot of space, this option is ideal. If you hang dark curtains in a small room, they will visually make it even smaller.

If in the morning a lot of sunlight gathers in the room, you can cover the room from it with brown curtains. Also, the dark color retains heat and does not let the room overheat. Dark curtains go well with light-colored walls and furniture.


Velvet and velour are classified as heavy fabrics, because visually they seem to "burden" the room. Therefore, if you use such a fabric, it is worth diluting it with a light drape to remove the heaviness. Light fabrics include chiffon and organza. They look light and airy even in a dark color. Satin, due to its property to reflect light, will make the room more attractive and aesthetic.

Care of dark curtains

The rules of care for dark curtains are not particularly different from similar tips for light curtains:

  • drapes should be washed separately from other things;

  • choose the correct detergent;

  • for these elements is best suited the delicate mode of the washing machine;

  • after washing in a machine, rinse the fabric once more to avoid brown stains and a quick burnout caused by residual detergent

  • before hanging curtains you must iron them. If your curtains are made of natural material, you should iron them from the inside.

Concluding the article, it is worth noting that the dark curtains will be a great addition to the residence, if you think through all the nuances of the interior before the planning. And only after the appearance of a clear design plan, you can safely say — let's choose dark curtains!

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