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Closet cabinet in the interior

Closet cabinet is already an integral part of both modern and classic interiors. This piece of furniture is incredibly convenient and practical, besides it can harmoniously complement the stylistic idea of any room: bedroom, living room, nursery, study, hallway.

What room to install.

Before ordering a closet cabinet, you need to decide where it will stand. It is from the location depend on the design, functional purpose and configuration of furniture. Of course, a closet in the house can be a few: for example, in the bedroom — to store clothes and linens, in the nursery — to store children's things, toys and all school supplies, in the hallway — for outerwear and shoes.

Entrance hall

If the hallway is small, the closet cabinet is needed to store seasonal outerwear and shoes. If the space allows, then the closet cabinet can be used as a mini-closet.

Living room

For the living room, it is desirable to buy a closet cabinet with one or two sections for clothes. And several compartments with closed and, necessarily, open shelves. It is better if the compartment with open shelves will be placed in the middle of the design: it can accommodate various decorative elements and accessories. A compartment for decorative items with lighting will look good.


Closet cabinet for the bedroom from the version for the living room differs, in principle, only in the fact that it is not quite appropriate and practical open sections, although their presence is quite acceptable. The main characteristic of such a closet should be capacity — after all, it stores almost all items of clothing and bedding.

Children's room

In the children's room in the closet cabinet is recommended to equip sections with open shelves, in which you can store toys, books, albums and other accessories. Also needed are closed compartments for clothes. It is good if the design of the wardrobe-compartment in the children's room is made in a playful style.


The cabinet in the study is usually designed to store various papers and books, sometimes personal collections. For shelves with books, either compartment doors made of transparent or translucent glass, or simply open sections are best.

Steel or aluminum?

The profile that frames the compartment door can be made of aluminum or steel.

Aluminum profile

Aluminum is more often used for the production of closets: it is more modern and looks neater than steel, and also such a system is quite silent. Its wheels are hidden inside the door frame, so they are invisible. Coatings aluminum system can be different — they choose, given the design of your closet compartment: a film for wood, anodizing in different shades (anodizing — a special method of dying, which provides the coating of strength).

Steel profile

Steel system has a less aesthetic appearance than aluminum, but it is very strong and wear-resistant, and the price is lower than aluminum. Usually in this system, the wheels are located on the inside of the door, so they are visible. The steel profile is coated with paint or film lamination.

Furniture stores offer a wide range of closet fronts with a variety of finishes. Their selection mainly depends on the interior style.


One of the most popular finishes for the front of closets — LDPB. It can be different colors and costs inexpensive. Decorative plastic belongs to the same price category. The main advantage of plastic is that it is produced in a variety of colors, including bright, if your interior, for example, is designed in a modern loft style.

Another popular finish for a sliding-door closet is a mirror. You can choose fully mirrored compartment doors — this model visually expands the space, also popular option, where the mirror takes place only on one panel of the compartment door. For hallways and bedrooms, the mirror is especially relevant, but in the nursery it is better to do without it, as there is a risk that the child will break it.

Interesting looks sandblasted frosted glass, a mirror with a pattern. For example, in living rooms and hallways in the art deco style looks great closets with patterned glass.

Internal filling

Another important criterion for choosing a closet cabinet is its internal organization: shelves, coat hooks, drawers, baskets, etc. The filling of the cabinet and the size of the baskets can vary depending on what you plan to store in them. For example, to store shoes or linen it is convenient to use mesh shelves and baskets made of metal mesh: they provide natural ventilation and it is immediately visible what is in them. Modern closets are most often equipped with hangers of various designs for different purposes: for pants, ties, outerwear, belts, etc., there are even models with built-in retractable ironing boards.

As you can see, a closet cabinet is a great purchase, which will help to organize the space and harmoniously complement the stylistic solution of the space.


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