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Choosing a wallpaper for your interior

In this article, we'll look at the specifics of choosing wallpaper for every room in the house.

Wallpaper for the living room

Today, many finishing materials surprise with the ability to imitate. And wallpaper is no exception. They are able to reproduce different textures and fabrics, brick and ceramic tiles, leather and concrete. If you want to create in the living room a special atmosphere of a hunting lodge, a fresh forest or an urban loft — you can easily find a suitable version of wallpaper. Geometric and natural patterns, decor with ethnic elements and nature themes are recently popular themes.

Wallpaper for the bedroom

Because the atmosphere of the bedroom should promote relaxation to cover the walls should be treated responsibly. After all, the time before bedtime and the first minutes of awakening should be pleasant. In the choice of wallpaper, first and foremost, guided by your own preferences, because the feeling of comfort is different for everyone. Some people like warm colors and patterns, while others prefer monochrome walls in cool and light colors for peacefulness. The latter, by the way, are also able to visually expand the boundaries of the room.

What are the best materials for the bedroom? It is better to choose breathable, environmentally friendly products of paper, fleece or coatings with a decorative layer of natural fibers of rattan, jute, sisal, marantha. And remember that dust often settles on textured surfaces, so such materials need regular care.

Wallpaper for children's rooms

In most cases, wallpaper for children's rooms are made of paper. This choice is primarily due to the environmental friendliness of the material. Only it is worth considering that the paper wallpaper is short-lived, low strength is enough to live up to the next repair. But this has a kind of plus: because while the child is growing up, his interests change, and with them have to change, and the interior design of the room. But if you do not like such a variant, then you can buy a paper-based fleece wallpaper with a thin vinylized coating. Such finishing is much more durable and practical than its paper counterparts.

Wallpaper for hallways

Entrance hallway — this is a room, by the interior of which we get the first impression about the house as a whole. Decorate the entrance area in style and as practical as possible will help vinyl products. Due to the protective and decorative vinyl layer, which covers the paper or fleece, such wallpaper will last at least 10 years, besides they can be washed. How to properly care for them will prompt pictograms on the packaging: "two waves" — to wipe with a damp cloth, "three waves" — wash with detergents.

Wallpaper for the kitchen

The modern kitchen is increasingly designed as a dining-living room, and, of course, its design is changing. Wallpaper next to the cooking area. For the rest of the walls is better to choose moisture-resistant coatings, which can be washed with special detergents. Cooking requires good lighting, including natural light. So be sure to pay attention to the lightfastness (the "sun" sign) and choose the maximum indicator.


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