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Choosing a kitchen unit

The kitchen is the most trafficked place in the house. And not just because it's where breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are prepared. It is also where friends and relatives gather for a cup of tea or for some kind of celebration. Kitchen sets are constantly exposed to the effects of the external environment — steam, fire, humidity, temperature fluctuations, treatment of surfaces with household chemicals. It is the headset — the main component of the interior of the kitchen, and in this article we will consider what subtleties and recommendations should be considered when buying it.

Before you start to choose a headset, you need to measure the square footage of the space in which it will be placed. We need the exact size of door and window openings, wall lengths, ceiling height, distance from the window sill, and be sure to measure the protruding elements — pipes, sockets, taps, switches. Once you have all this data in hand, you can easily design a detailed kitchen plan, which determines what will be the set and how to make rational use of available space.Most of the modern sets are designed according to the modular principle, which ensures that no corner of the room will not be empty.

Designers recommend following a certain sequence for rational space planning:

  • first the refrigerator is installed;

  • after that, the place where the pre-processing of food will be carried out;

  • a bucket for garbage and a washing surface;

  • countertop for cutting food;

  • stove;

  • arrangement of the dining area.

Material and equipment of the set

The main recommendations when choosing a product:

  • decide on the manufacturer and budget;

  • the size of the future set;

  • the material must be high-quality and durable, so that the product will serve you for many years;

  • usability and multi-functionality of the headset;

  • the design project (color palette, decor, lighting, etc.).

The height of the workspace is usually calculated according to the height of the person who will spend the most time at it. Usually it is 85-90 cm, the size of cabinets — 72-76 cm, and the distance between the cabinets and the work surface — about 50 cm.

As mentioned above, the material of the future set should be durable and resistant to water and steam. The most common types of material for the manufacture of kitchen sets:

  • Chipboard is the main material for the manufacture of headsets. It is made of chipboard, which is covered with laminate or similar resistant material. The edges of the parts has an edge that protects against moisture;

  • MDF is an environmentally friendly material with a high level of resistance to temperature changes and steam, resistant to the appearance of fungus. Furniture made of this material looks very similar to furniture made of wood;

  • Solid wood — one of the most expensive materials, usually using solid oak, ash, cherry or walnut. Whole pieces of wood are glued together and treated with special substances that allow the wood to withstand moisture and not to desiccate. Fittings made of solid wood are very versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

After selecting the material for the front, you need to take care of its coating. There are four main types of coating:

  • PVC foil — a material that features a variety of textures, which will help to implement even the brightest and most unusual ideas. But this material has one very significant disadvantage — sensitivity to high temperatures. At a temperature of 100 degrees and above, the film can be damaged, so you should carefully use a stove in such a kitchen;

  • a more practical option — plastic. It will protect the furniture from scratches and damage, there is an opportunity to choose any color scheme;

  • acrylic coating will give the front of the shine and shine, this material can be found in any color. But there are also disadvantages: acrylic is well visible dust, scratches, fingerprints. But this is quite a minor problem, because scratches and cracks can easily be sanded down.

Work surface

Designers recommend choosing a solid countertop along the entire length of the kitchen space. Among the materials for the countertop are the following:

  • corian — practical material, resistant to moisture and chemical influences;

  • varble — not the most practical option for the kitchen, as it begins to deteriorate from high temperatures, high humidity and impact;

  • granite is the best choice for the kitchen if you still want a work surface made of stone. It is strong and durable, such a countertop will last for decades;

  • set board or laminated MDF — the most popular material for creating work surfaces: it is environmentally friendly, affordable, and there is an opportunity to choose any color palette.

Styles of kitchen sets

A classic style kitchen set is a combination of wood, natural stone and glass. The product is decorated in light colors and decorated with carvings and balustrades.

Country style involves a combination of artificial materials and wood. The facade is decorated with elements of nature and rustic life.

In high-tech the predominance of artificial materials — glass and metal, the color scheme — strict, muted shades.

In modern the most common form is rectangular, classic forms, which go well with non-standard rounded facades. In the color scheme is dominated by cold shades, and the materials used in the design — glass, metal, stone or plastic.

In any style, the main characteristic of a kitchen set is practicality. The product should be as easy to use as possible, which can be organized with all kinds of cabinets with hinged doors or retractable designs. When choosing a color palette, experts recommend stopping at a combination of no more than two shades. And it is better to give preference to light design, as gloomy colors can make the kitchen set boring and unattractive.

The kitchen is a place where people spend a lot of time, so it should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible. So the choice of style, color, materials, future kitchen set should be approached responsibly. And then the kitchen will not only be a working space, but a comfortable and favorite place for all the family.


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