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Many entrepreneurs prefer to take some of their work home, as this is a huge saving in time and money on office rent. It is better to allocate a separate room for work at home, where no one will interfere with your business. After all, the main purpose of the home office is to work in a comfortable environment.

In order to ensure that your work does not interfere with extraneous sounds, it is better not to place the office next to the kitchen, living room or children's room. The desk should be located so that people do not have their backs to doors or windows. And, of course, the office should have good combined lighting. The office can be equipped on a heated balcony or attic (pre-made repairs there), or, if possible, use a separate room. Let us consider in detail the subtleties of designing a study in the house.


Choosing the interior of the home office, you should first of all take into account the tastes and wishes of the owner. It is also necessary to take into account all the functional features of the room. The design should set up the owner in a businesslike way and create a working mood.

If the office will work in a creative person, it is better to opt for post-modern styles, which are characterized by unusual color palettes, broken lines and an abundance of small unusual details.

For connoisseurs of minimalism is perfect for high-tech: nothing unnecessary, the main emphasis is on the practicality of each element.

The choice of materials for finishing depends on the chosen style. But it is desirable that the office fits into the general interior of the house. Wallpaper can be selected in any color that is pleasant to you. It is not recommended to use bright colors. They can be an irritant that will constantly distract from work.

The floor in the study is usually chosen the same as in the whole house. Naturally, it is difficult to imagine a study without wooden inserts. Such a finish will give the room elegance and business harmony.


The furniture in the home office has probably the most important role. It should be solid and reliable, to create the image of not just an office, but the home office.

Standard "furniture set" of the workplace: a table, armchair, sofa and a bookcase. If there is enough space in the room, you can add a couple of chairs and a small coffee table for conversations with friends.

The center of the office is the desk, which is worth special attention. According to new trends, the desk should be the embodiment of practicality and multifunctionality. In today's market you can find models that are adjustable in height, they have retractable side systems and additional modules needed to install a work computer.

It is also better to choose a desk that will cope with the specifics of your activity. For example, if you need to do drafting work, the desk top should be large with a slight slope. Also, the desk should have compartments for storing writing utensils.

The second most important item in the office is the chair. First of all it should be comfortable, because it is the key to a healthy posture and productive work. It is desirable to choose an armchair that can be transformed to suit individual body shape.

To store documents or books you can install a library cabinet along the wall. If the documents are stored in folders, you can install a more compact shelving unit.


Lighting in the office should be overhead and diffused. A separate light source should be installed on the desktop. This role perfectly fulfills a desk lamp. It should be placed so that it did not create shadows and did not dazzle the eyes. With proper lighting the work in the office should be pleasant and efficient.

We hope that we have helped you to understand the peculiarities of home office arrangement and now, when it is especially important, the work at home will be most comfortable for you.


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