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Bedroom design

Bedroom for every home is a place where you rest and gain strength. Therefore, the design of the bedroom directly affects how you feel, helps to create a cozy atmosphere, promotes relaxation and good sleep.

To choose the optimal bedroom design you should consider the area of the room, the number and location of windows, the wall height, for how many people this space should be large enough and comfortable. Additionally it is necessary to determine the color scheme, to choose the bed and furniture, decorative elements and accessories. Also, developing the design of bedrooms, specialists pay a lot of attention to artificial lighting devices — chandeliers, lamps, fixtures, LED strips.

To visualize the desired interior, you can look at photos of bedroom designs, which will help to decide on the main idea, style. The best solutions should not only reproduce the appropriate stylistic direction, but also reflect the lifestyle of the owner, his interests and individuality, set on positive emotions, promote relaxation and quiet rest.

Modern bedroom design: design ideas

What should be a modern bedroom design — depends solely on the owner and his choice. So in what style can you arrange your bedroom? There are several popular options.


Features inherent in the classic style:

  • luxury and richness evident in every element;

  • a large bed with a catwalk, headboard, canopy or other decoration;

  • lots of high-quality textiles;

  • intricate patterns and forms.

  • classical bedroom designs are usually decorated in white and gold.


Simple forms, clear lines, functionality, light color palette with the obligatory accent — these are the features that distinguish the design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism. The color scheme consists of 3 basic tones.


Modern bedrooms that have an interior in the Scandinavian style, made in gray tones with bright accents, characterized by the presence of many light sources, a successful combination of natural materials with modern textiles, wooden furniture.


For romantics, you can choose Provence with its interiors of the style of medieval France. Features of the direction:

  • delicate pastel colors;

  • the presence of accessories and decorations in the form of vases, figurines;

  • floral prints;

  • a lot of textiles (light curtains or drapes, carpets)

  • naturalness of finish materials;

  • specially aged furniture.


If the design of a bedroom in the apartment should visually increase and not clutter the space, then an advantageous solution will be the interior design in the style of art nouveau. The main differences of this direction are as follows:

  • beautiful practical furniture (modular, built-in)

  • absence of heavy structures;

  • the use of modern finishing materials for surfaces (glass, metal, artificial or natural stone, wood or imitation wood panels).

Design for a small bedroom

Developing the design of a small bedroom, it is recommended to choose minimalism or modernism. For in a small area it is almost impossible to reproduce a luxurious interior design of a bedroom in the classic style or the interior in the loft style.

Applying the interior design in minimalism or modern style, it is possible to visually increase the space and to usefully equip every corner of the room. Beneficial solutions for a small bedroom will be:

  • low bed without pathos decorations;

  • built-in furniture;

  • good lighting;

  • a light palette of colors;

  • lack of a large number of decorative elements.


The choice of furniture for the interior of the bedroom depends on the size of the room. If it is the design of a bedroom in an apartment with a large area, then you should consider options with headsets. For a small room, a bed, a nightstand or chest of drawers and a small closet will do.

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