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Bathroom design

Every day begins and ends in the bathroom. Therefore the successful design of this room, complete with high quality plumbing and furniture are important factors that create maximum comfort and cozy atmosphere. If you choose the design of the bathroom, then by all means consider the individual features of the room, the total area, the availability of windows, and your own wishes and advice from designers.

Before you start designing the bathroom, you should decide on the following:

In what style and color you want to see this room;

  • how many people will use the bathroom every day (adults, children);

  • whether it will be a separate bathroom or a combined bathroom;

  • what finishing material you prefer.

Modern bathroom design

Choosing a modern bathroom design, pay attention to the following features of this stylistic direction:

it is best to use zoning and functional division of space;

the color scheme should be in harmony with the objects of the interior;

to expand free space, use plumbing, built-in walls, built-in furniture (wall-hung toilets and sinks, corner whirlpool baths, compact showers, bidets, washing machines, built-in closets, etc.).

What are the options for bathroom design?

Various directions are popular — minimalism, oriental style, classic, loft, Scandinavian style, modern, high-tech. The main thing is that the room corresponded to the way of life, individual tastes of the tenants and became a comfortable place to get a charge in the morning and relaxation and rest in the evening.

If the bathroom is combined with a toilet

Sometimes the bathroom and toilet are combined on purpose in order to expand the common space. Advantageous layout options in this case are:

  • installation of the bathroom in the width and location of built-in furniture along one wall;

  • compensating for the lack of space by installing a large mirror;

  • the use of a light color scheme;

  • shower stall.

The interior of a small bathroom can be done in light colors to expand the space. The use of a shower cabin — it is an increase in functionality and, with constant care, the absence of fungus on the walls. You can choose a shower enclosure of any shape — angular or rectangular and make it the central accent of the interior. As a bonus is a significant increase in space for placement of furniture and accessories.

Colors for the bathroom

Modern bathroom design — a lot of options that can realize all your whims. Most often the following versions of the color palette are used:

  • white. A classic and win-win version of white in the interior for a large or small space;

  • black. A noble color that is suitable for reproducing luxurious interiors in large spaces. If you choose black for a small bath, such a decoration will significantly reduce the space;

  • red. Cheerful and energetic color, which corresponds to the tastes of an active and purposeful person;

  • yellow, orange — sunny colors of happiness will improve your mood, filling with energy for the whole day;

  • brown. Fashionable range with a lot of interesting shades — wenge, chocolate, terracotta, brick;

  • blue. The blue palette is soothing, creates a cozy atmosphere for relaxation and rest.

Decorating surfaces

Choosing the future interior of the bathroom, a lot of attention should be given to the materials for finishing surfaces. It is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • excessive humidity, the constant formation of condensation contributes to the appearance of fungus and mold. Finishing materials must be highly resistant to humidity and temperature variations;

  • the floor should be made of anti-slip materials, to provide comfort, safety of the owner when using the bathroom;

  • metal elements of furniture, plumbing, accessories should be made of high quality alloys that are resistant to corrosion.

What materials can decorate the walls in the bathroom?

The following options are popular:

  • ceramic tiles;

  • natural or artificial stone;

  • waterproof PVC panels imitating different textures (wood, stone, brick, tile, leather)

  • wood, processed with special protective compounds and resistant to water, fungus and high temperatures (oak, cedar, beech, larch, etc.)

  • decorative plaster, easy to clean, can have any color and different texture;

  • anti-shock glass — ideal for reproducing modern styles in the interior. Glass surfaces can be transparent, photo-printed, monochrome or multicolored, glossy, matte and embossed;

  • metal. Usually used in combination with wood, stone. It is moisture-resistant, fireproof, durable and sturdy.


In order to design the bathroom interior in the apartment to be the most comfortable, you should properly select the lighting, using:

  • ceiling spotlights;

  • LED strips for illuminating surfaces, furniture,

  • fixtures near mirrors.

In doing so, common mistakes should be avoided:

  • one source of light is not enough for comfortable use of the bathroom;

  • if the shower enclosure with a curtain or opaque doors, then the light should also be installed inside;

  • the installation of spotlights over the bathroom can harm your eyes, if the lighting is mounted in the ceiling directly above the mirror, then the lights cast shadows on the face, making it difficult to apply or rinse off makeup, the process of shaving.


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