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Bar counter in the kitchen interior

Bar counter appears more and more often in modern interiors. It is used not only in modern styles, but also in a classic set, serves as a dining table or an extension of the work surface. In this article we will consider what kinds of counters there are, and to which interiors they are most suitable.

Why do I need a bar counter?

Bar counter gives the kitchen a new interesting notes. With it, the interior looks fresh and original, providing its owners with additional opportunities. For example, if you like fun gatherings with friends, the bar table in the kitchen will create the necessary entourage. Also it will be perfect for a romantic evening with a glass of wine, you just need to turn on the diffused lighting and immerse yourself in relaxed conversations.

Using the bar counter

This accessory is best suited for a large kitchen combined with the living room. Using the bar counter you can properly and harmoniously zoning the room, without violating the integrity of the space. A good solution would be to install a bar counter in the kitchen, which is combined with the loggia. Thus it is possible to clearly separate the dining area. And for the kitchen-dining room the presence of a bar counter — is generally a winning option. As in the room there is an additional work surface, a "transition unit" for table service.

However, not only the kitchen, combined with the living room, dining room or balcony, is the best place to have a bar counter. It will also fit perfectly into the interior of a small kitchen, moreover, it is the best option for their design. Corner kitchens with a bar table make the space more functional and convenient. If there are no children or the elderly in the house, the bar can easily replace even the dining table, thereby saving space in the house.

Features of the choice of the bar counter

When choosing a bar counter, you need to pay attention to several aspects. The minimum height of the bar for small kitchens is about 100 cm. For such a height you do not have to buy special high chairs, instead you can use compact stools, which at any time can be hidden under the countertop itself. The width of the surface can be any. The minimum width is about 50 cm. The place of installation of the surface is not regulated by any rigid standards: for example, in the kitchen in the classic style, the counter separates the working and dining areas, in the modern style it serves as a dining table and most often is located either instead of the window sill, or close to the wall.

Types of bar counters

Designers distinguish three types of bar counter designs:

  • classical — the height of such a tabletop is about 1-1,2m, to it it is necessary to pick up high bar stools with a footrest. Such a variant is excellent for the modern interior;

  • combined — furniture, where the bar counter and bar stools are one solid construction;

  • transformers — such counter model can be disassembled at any time, or it can be moved under the window sill, table top. This option is best suited for small kitchens.

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