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A coffee table in the interior

If during the holidays you like to read or draw, or in your home have become a tradition in the evening gatherings with friends, or maybe you would like to always have a fresh press at hand. A coffee table, which has long been an integral part of the living room interior, will perfectly cope with all these tasks. And in this article we will figure out how to choose the best table for your sofa.

Selection criteria

The modern coffee table is characterized by multifunctionality, although previously it was at most a stand for newspapers. Now it can serve as a place to store books, decorative trifles, remotes, tools for hobbies. And at the same time, the table is an important part of the design of the room.

Before going to the store, you need to think about what model would suit you best. First of all, the product should match the rest of the furniture, colors and textures of the room.

A coffee table can become a great art object, an unusual decoration of the environment. If the table is high, it can serve an excellent service freelancer — put a laptop on it and you can comfortably work at home.

Coffee table in the interior

A coffee table should harmoniously complement the style of the interior of the room. Designers recommend paying attention to the following combinations:

  • in the classical style — an elegant table made of natural wood, decorated with carvings or paintings;

  • the minimalist style — simple geometric shapes, furniture with reserved colors of glass, wood, metal;

  • for modern style — modifications with unusual decorations and expensive materials;

  • for provence — refined vintage models;

  • for eco-style — simple models without any frills, made of natural materials (wood, stone, rattan).

If your inner designer requires something extravagant, then try to "play" with styles — what about a baroque carved product in the interior loft, or a metal table in the living room in the style of Provence.

Color palette

Combinations of colors of upholstered furniture and table can both complement each other, and contrast with each other. The coloring depends on the general idea of the space:

  • classic, country — colors of natural stone/wood;

  • provence — pastel colors, wood;

  • loft, high-tech — brown, white, black, metal;

  • modern — bright or monochrome colors.

There are two ways to choose the color of the table. The first way involves the standard combination of shades. For example, to the green sofa choose a pistachio table. The second, more complex way involves the selection of contrasts. Among popular options: gray, black, white sofa with a red table.

You can also consider the following combinations:

  • with blue — green, yellow, orange;

  • with red — yellow, pink, green;

  • with purple — blue, green, pink, yellow, lilac;

  • green — red, purple, yellow, blue;

  • with yellow — green, blue, purple, blue;

  • with black, white, gray, brown colors combine almost all of the above shades.

Sometimes the coffee table is the central accent of the room, shaping the appearance of the room. Then the interior of the house is built on the "appearance" of an extraordinary object.


Manufacturers use for the manufacture of tables a variety of materials: from classic to extraordinary. But still designers advise to follow the laws of compatibility:

  • wood. An expensive material with an aesthetic texture. It combines with all materials except plastic;

  • stone. Serves as an interesting addition to the interior, perfectly suited to upholstered furniture in the Gothic, Baroque, Loft, Classic and Eco style. Combines with everything except plastic;

  • glass. Provides a wide range of design possibilities. Goes well with furniture in minimalism, modern, high-tech, classic style. Can be combined with absolutely all materials;

  • metal. Reliable and refined material. Suitable for high-tech, modern, minimalism, loft. Combines with all materials.

A coffee table — an excellent addition to modern living rooms, which can perform useful functions and qualitatively complement the design of the room.


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