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Wooden bed

The bed on which a person rests and sleeps plays a huge role in maintaining their health. A comfortable bed allows you to fully relax during sleep, rest and restore the stock of physical strength. Solid wood bed is ideal for those who appreciate aesthetics and natural materials. By giving preference to a bed made of wood you not only become the owner of a luxurious purchase, but also take care of the quality of rest.

Firstly, wooden bed perfectly harmonizes with any interior. It looks harmonious in the Baroque or Renaissance style, as in those days, beds with other material were not made. In modern style, high-tech or know-how, it will also take a worthy place, due to the fact that recently there has been a significant increase in attention to the use of natural materials. Wood has a wide range of shades, so you can easily find a bed that is in perfect harmony with the overall environment of the room.

Secondly, wood deservedly enjoys such a wide demand because of its qualities. It is completely environmentally friendly and safe for health, does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, it is quite durable.

The appearance of beds today is able to enter into temptation, even a specialist. Widespread combined models using other materials: glass, metal, stone, plastic.

A special niche occupied by the models, which are applied to the patina, skillfully imitating the aged from time and prolonged use of the furniture. Often you can find beds, which skillfully applied a pattern by milling or laser engraving. Luxury products are handmade. Such products are a sample of real art and are able to take a leading place in the interior of the room.

The most expensive and durable beds are created from solid and solid wood. These are traditional beech, oak or hornbeam. Walnut, cherry, larch are often used. Less solid are made of pine and spruce. The material is necessarily treated with impregnation, which prevents the occurrence of the process of rot, mold and mildew. Durable protective layer reliably protects the structure of the tree from mechanical damage, scratches and chips.


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