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What should be a bedside table?

If the central place in the bedroom is usually given to the bed, then its functional addition is a bedside table. This piece of furniture should not only perform the main functions, but also fit seamlessly into the design. In this article, we will consider what you need to take into account not to go wrong with the choice of a bedside cabinet.

The main purpose of the nightstand

If you are wondering whether this cabinet is needed at all? Then we can safely answer: yes, because in addition to the aesthetic addition, it also performs many useful functions. On it you can place important things that should always be at hand, such as: alarm clock, phone, water bottle, baby monitor, favorite book or magazine, etc.

In addition, a bedside table can act as an interesting accent. Thanks to it the bedroom seems to be harmonious and full.

Selecting the design

There are a variety of designs of bedside tables:

  • bedside chest of drawers, has several sliding drawers;

  • drawer cabinet, has the form of a drawer with a hinged door;

  • a shelf cabinet, a simple design with one or more working surfaces;

  • a bedside table, which has a support and a main surface to place things on it.

Also distinguish between types of bollards according to their placement in the room. There are floor models and wall hanging models. The first, most common, are placed on the floor. Wall cabinets are fixed on the wall at a height of 10-50 cm.

Furniture size

The size of the bedside cabinet depends on the meterage of the bedroom and the dimensions of the bed. You need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • height: the best option — a nightstand at the level of the bed. It will be most convenient to use, and in addition to everything else will create the effect of symmetry and balance;

  • the width also depends on the bed: for one and a half bed a model with a width of 40 to 60 cm will do. For a large bed it is better to choose a wider model — up to 70-100 cm. For a double bed you can buy two medium-sized nightstands;

  • the depth depends on the purpose of using the cabinet. If you plan to store a lot of things there, the depth can reach 40-50 cm. It is advisable not to exceed this figure to avoid difficulties of access to the bed.

The shape

  • rectangular or square — a classic that goes well with all styles. This option is practical and will fit perfectly in any bedroom;

  • round bedside table will not suit all interiors, but if used correctly, it will become a highlight of design and add elegance to the bedroom;

  • angular — can have a triangular or square shape, with one front wall and two side walls;

  • non-standard models with unusual forms: they can have sloping or beveled walls, broken lines and curves. It is difficult to call such furniture practical, but it will definitely refresh the design.

Fitting into the interior

The bureau must fit into the overall design of the bedroom, that is, it must have features characteristic of the direction.

Consider the options:

  • minimalism — monotony, simple geometry, a minimum of details;

  • scandinavian style — massive wooden cabinet, covered with white paint;

  • provence — simple design, the model is made of wood and covered with one layer of pastel paint or varnish;

  • high-tech — the cabinet looks futuristic, it seems to float in the air. Most often such models are made of chrome-plated metal or glass and painted white or gray;

  • classical — wooden construction, laconic lines, carved decor and light natural shades.

  • country style suggests the simplicity of form, untreated coating (may be covered with one coat of light paint);

  • modern — non-standard models, combination of textures.

Color Palette

The shade of the bedside table can be selected in the following ways:

  • in the tone of the bed headboard;

  • contrast with the headboard (black with white, brown with beige, etc.)

  • matching the color of the rest of the furniture;

  • matching the color of wallpaper, floor and ceiling;

  • as a bright accent, contrasting with the main color of the interior.

A bedside cabinet is an important component of the bedroom, which aesthetically complements the design and performs important practical functions.


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