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Using light laminate in the interior

Light laminate is quite often used in modern interiors. It visually expands the space and fills it with light. In addition, light laminate is practical — it perfectly complements almost any style of interior. And, contrary to popular belief, light-colored laminate is less prone to contamination than dark-colored laminate, even when it is used to decorate hallways.


This material has a number of advantages, making it a good option when creating a design project:

  • light-colored laminate is less capricious to cleaning, it gets dirty less and dust on it is almost not noticeable;

  • visually increases space, so this option is particularly well suited for a small room;

  • The embodiment of original and complex stylistic solutions. You can use a variety of unusual details that will look brighter and more interesting on the background of the white coating;

  • if the windows of the room are not on the sunny side, because of what the room does not have the required natural lighting, the light laminate will make the space more illuminated.


Of course, light-colored laminate has its own disadvantages, which should be taken into account before making a choice in favor of this material:

  • a lot of time will be spent on the selection of related parts, such as: frames, baseboards, windows, etc. The key difficulty comes down to the selection of a beautiful combination;

  • looks pretty simple. Some may find the look of light colored laminate too boring, so it's not suitable for every style.

Tips for use

Using laminate in the interior of the house, you need to pay attention to the color palette of the walls. If their tone coincides with the floor, the ceilings will be visually higher, but the space will visually become a little narrower. If the room does not need such an effect, then it is worth considering darker shades of the walls.

The baseboard, ideally, should be a few shades darker than the floor. A design in which the skirting repeats one of the shades of the interior of the room will also look good. The same color of the skirting board and the door looks perfect.

The most optimal and aesthetic is considered the use of the floor covering range, which is a few tones lighter than the furniture. If you do not comply with this advice, it may turn out that the items simply merge into a single spot, and the style will not be expressive.

Light laminate flooring in different interior styles


This style involves the use of a white range to the maximum. In the choice of material for flooring, it is better to give preference to light oak. And as bright accents, you can use various decorative elements, for example, vases, paintings, plaid, pillows, etc.


High-tech is not characterized by naturalness, which allows the use of laminate with a glossy surface. It is also worth adding strict, clear lines and elements of black, gray and white to the design of the room.


In such an interior, it is necessary to combine in one room a white palette and a free open space, in which a minimum of furniture and decor is used.


In this style, it is better to use not a white floor, but a coating of pastel, delicate colors. And on different parts of the interior there is a floral print, which will perfectly emphasize the naturalness of the style.

As you can see, light laminate flooring in the interior is a great solution for people who want to bring more light, simplicity and natural lightness into their homes.


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