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Townhouses. All pros and cons

A townhouse is not quite the usual type of housing, which has recently been gaining in popularity. A townhouse is an "invention" originating from England, these are two or three-storey houses, which are connected by one common wall. Each house has a separate entrance and most often each structure has its own backyard or common garden, as well as a separate garage. Homes are usually lined up in a single row, but you can also see a g-shaped layout.

In England, townhouses were built and continue to be built both in the suburbs and in the city. In our country they are mostly built outside the city. The classic townhouse has a fairly simple layout: the first level is allotted for the living room, kitchen, utility room and study; the second floor usually has a master and guest bedrooms, and bathrooms.

What is the difference between a townhouse and a duplex?

A duplex is similar in construction principle to a townhouse, but it has only two sections with one common wall. The house is designed for two families, each with a separate entrance. They also have their own area, which the tenants either share or make a common area. Originally, these houses were invented for the comfortable living of close relatives or families who are friends.

Advantages and disadvantages of townhouses

The main advantage of a townhouse is its price. Such a house on the market is much cheaper than a private home. Take, for example, the cost of maintaining the common area, utilities: security, landscaping the common garden, garbage collection, etc.

Townhouses are rarely located far away from the city, so if you are a mobile person and you need to be close to the active city environment, but you do not want to live in an apartment "panel", then the townhouse is ideal. In addition, townhouses often built on the fenced area, equipped with a point of protection, alarm systems.

If we talk about the disadvantages, these houses are definitely not suitable for people who want full privacy, to live in a large house away from the bustle of the city and people. Also, do not consider a townhouse if a large plot is important to you, because such buildings are usually allocated about 4 hectares of land.

As you can see, both the advantages and disadvantages of townhouses are quite compelling. So the main thing is to decide on your priorities. What is more important: privacy or the ability to share the common area with other people? Live far from the city or be able to quickly get to the center? That's up to you to decide, dear reader.


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