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The subtleties of decorating the living-dining room

It often happens that when planning a house or apartment, the kitchen is given little space, but the living room is allocated quite a large area. So of itself begs the option of arrangement of the dining area in the living room, enough to be able to arrange a small tea party, and a solid feast. In this article, we will talk about how to properly equip the dining room in the living room, conduct zoning and decide on the interior.

How to combine?

Combining the dining room and living room in one room will be relevant for owners of the most different housing: from city apartments to country houses. In any case, the goal is the same result: the functional distribution of space.

Combining rooms should begin with a project, which will take into account the subtleties of zoning, style design, materials and arrangement of furniture. During the design, it is worth adhering to the following rules:

  • the interior should be holistic: the zones are divided in different ways, but they should be decorated in the same style;

  • all design solutions must create a comfortable environment. The presence of zoning determines the specific features of the interior, which are expressed in the choice of furniture, lighting, decor and color scheme;

  • in small rooms, it is best to give preference to functional furniture. Since in small rooms it is very important to have free space;

  • there should be enough pieces of furniture to ensure the comfort of the owners and their guests (including some major events when there are more guests than usual).


Hosts who combine the living room and dining room should take care not only about the aesthetic component, but also about the comfort of the new space. The first thing you need to think about is how to competently separate the places of rest and dining area.

If the room has a bay window, then it is ideal for arrangement of the dining area, in such an environment, family dinners and celebrations will be held in a special atmosphere. If there is no bay window, then the division of zones in the interior of the living room-dining room can be achieved using the following methods:

  • by using textures of finishing materials and color palette. The place of the dining area is often highlighted by an accent wall;

  • partitions are rarely used, usually in the form of plasterboard arches, less often made of plastic, wood, tempered glass or chipboard;

  • quite popular way — the use of different floor coverings. If parquet will look better in the living room, for the dining room it is better to buy a more practical option. This can be linoleum, tile or laminate, these materials are not afraid of moisture and sharp objects, and they are also very easy to care for;

  • zoning with furniture. Common use of armchairs and sofas, sometimes you can find a low chest of drawers or through shelving;

  • if the room has a high ceiling, you can divide the space with a different level of the ceiling (or even floor).

Also delineate the boundaries will help to choose the right lighting. Massive chandeliers are installed over the center of the living room and over the dining table. It is also necessary to provide local lighting in the form of floor lamps or sconces. Suspended ceilings can be supplied with spot sources with adjustable brightness.

Design subtleties

The majority of dining rooms, which are located in living rooms, cannot boast a sufficient number of square meters. Therefore, when planning the design, ideas that visually expand the room are used. Some of the most popular and often reproduced ideas include:

  • the use of light and neutral tones, they give the room spaciousness and freshness;

  • if you need to "raise" a low ceiling, you can use wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Curtains, fixed under the ceiling, will also create the illusion of increasing the height;

  • you can use glossy surfaces, which due to the reflection of light add volume. If you do not like the glossy facade you can consider a glossy stretch ceiling. In order to expand the space also use mirrors as a decoration;

  • in order not to clutter the room, it is necessary to choose furniture carefully. It is better to give preference to multifunctional models. For example, a folding table, which most of the time takes up a minimum of space.

Combining the living room and dining room is a great solution that allows you to elegantly solve the problem of organizing celebrations and recreation. To design the room turned out to be both comfortable and beautiful, you need to take into account the possibilities of the room and remember the main principles of design of the room with two zones.


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