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Textiles in the bedroom interior

People have been using textiles to decorate homes for centuries and they can easily change the look of a room, giving it a cosy and moody feel. Sometimes it's enough to change a bedspread or a new tablecloth, and the atmosphere around you will change, even without a major renovation.

Textiles are not just blankets and carpets. Even the ceiling and walls can be covered with fabrics. Fabric elements can emphasize the features of the style. For example, the shimmering jacquard will emphasize the elegance of the classical style, and linen will add a natural touch to the country style. The main thing is that the fabrics match the interior and are in harmony with each other.

There are no strict rules or principles of color selection for the bedroom, but there are some tips from designers that are worth considering. The registration of the room in white color is a sure way, it creates a feeling of purity and fragility, and is perfect for almost any interior. However, using only white textiles — it is too boring, we advise you to introduce bright accents such as red or blue in the decoration of the bedroom. Paired with white, they constitute a steadily working color combination, where white is the main color and red or blue are contrasting color spots (pillows, plaids, curtain holders, etc.). Also not a changeable classic is the design of the bedroom in pastel colors. This color palette promotes calm and relaxation. For fans of more saturated colors, we can recommend the design in brighter colors.

Particular attention should be paid to the window decoration. For this purpose, usually choose soft drapery fabrics. An interesting design solution would be to choose curtains in the same color as the wall, so they seem to merge with it, it visually expands the room. You can also make a nice accent on the window and visually highlight it with contrasting curtains (for example, if the walls are peach and beige — hang light blue or purple curtains). Keep in mind that for different sized windows you should choose different designs. With large windows will perfectly look long curtains to the floor, in a small bedroom with a large window should not use fabrics with large decorations — it will visually reduce the space. The mansard window will be well decorated with a Roman blind, and it can also be left with no decor at all.

The once popular canopy is back in the design trends. This is probably due to the fact that people want privacy and mental comfort. Especially modern canopies are well suited to both classic and more modern styles. And it is not necessary to buy a lot of fabric to cover the entire bed. A small piece of fabric is enough, it can be attached to a metal or wooden frame, or to a wall-mounted structure. Color and design of the canopy must be thought out in advance, because such an element invariably becomes the center of the bedroom, so it must be in harmony with all other elements of the interior.

Finally, let's talk about minor interior details, which, however, perform very important functions in the design. The pillows are practical and beautiful accessories, which will favorably complement the style of the room and support the color scheme. For baroque will suit satin models, and for minimalism — laconic forms in calm colors. Also a bright blanket or rug will help to dilute the interior, which will bring comfort and warmth to the house.

It is impossible to imagine modern homes without textiles: cushions, plaids, tablecloths, curtains — all this decor creates the style of the room and can dramatically change its appearance.


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