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Tempered glass in shower enclosures

Glass has proven itself as a reliable and durable material when it comes to creating an aesthetic and practical design. This material has long been used not only for the production of windows and doors, it is also suitable for the production of floors, stairs, tables and, of course, shower cabins, about the latter we will talk in this article.

Advantages of using glass in the bathroom:

  • it is not hard to care for;

  • glass gives the room a special aesthetic;

  • it reflects light, making the space lighter and wider;

  • this material is available in different textures and colors.

Installing a tempered glass shower enclosure

Tempered glass is a special type of safety glass; its special feature is that it does not break into sharp shards. Instead, it breaks into pieces that look like pebbles, which in no way can cause serious damage. But it may not be so easy to be sure of this feature: tempered glass has a higher strength and it is quite hard to break it.

Tempered glass is made by uniformly heating panels of ordinary annealed glass to 700 °C in an industrial furnace, followed by immediate cooling. In this process, the temperature of the glass exceeds its capacity, which makes it softer. As a result, the outer layer of the glass panel cools much faster, while the inner layer remains hot. This process changes the physical characteristics of the glass panel and causes "central tension".

The advantages of using tempered glass for shower enclosures are:

  • resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The bathroom is a room that holds moisture for a long time and there are constant changes in temperature. In such conditions you need a material that is resistant to heat and high humidity, which will retain its finish for a long time, so tempered glass is the best choice for shower cabins;

  • easy to care for;

  • safety. The shower is a pretty slippery place, so you need a safe glazing option that won't collapse on impact. First, tempered glass is strong. Secondly, if it breaks, the person standing next to it will not be hurt, because the shards of tempered glass are blunt;

  • design versatility. Tempered glass is available in a variety of patterns and designs that can accentuate any stylistic decision. You can choose from a range of frosted, painted, etched or clear tempered glass windows for shower enclosure designs;

  • scratch resistance. Tempered glass effectively resists scratches and any other damage that can result from everyday use.

Using tempered glass in shower enclosures is a safe and interesting addition to the bathroom interior.


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