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Self-decoration of the bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in the house, here you can relax and unwind. It is designed to get energy and a new charge of vivacity, here a person can distract himself from his problems. The interior of the room should be carefully thought out, filled with comfort and coziness. The design is best to create a calm and serene.

To create the design of the bedroom yourself — not difficult at all. Only it's necessary to pay special attention to the selection of the necessary wallpaper, furniture, design elements, lighting, flooring and different styles of design.

But if you want to combine the function of night rest and additional purposes (so that the bedroom was in the role of an office or living room, for example) — the design will be harder. And if you do not think ahead bedroom layout, you may later encounter discomfort from the uncomfortable zoning or unnecessary elements of the room.

If the bedroom is located in a small area, it is worth taking care of quality zoning. The bed is best placed by the window, limiting access to it for guests and making this place not passable. Zones can be divided with light, airy partitions or translucent materials. Also as partitions you can use different designs of shelves or racks, or a furniture wall, they can help to hide the couch or bed from the eyes of outsiders. For the same purpose, you can use decorative curtains.

Creating the interior of the bedroom is not difficult and quite realistic. Sometimes the design that you created yourself, can be even better than the designer's, because it will fully embody your understanding of comfort and coziness. Only in addition to the aesthetic component of the arrangement of the room should take into account many factors — the area, lighting, window size, ceiling height, location of the doors, air conditioning. And, of course, it is necessary to plan the location of furniture, general and local light sources in advance.

The style of decoration can be chosen by anyone, it all depends on your preferences. The main thing is not to forget about the harmonious combination of colors, materials and decoration, and giving the room calm and measured.


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