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Selecting curtains for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house, so the atmosphere of this room should be cozy and homely. An important element of such an atmosphere are curtains, which create interesting accents in the room and make its interior complete. It is about them that we will talk today: in this article you will learn about the subtleties of choosing curtains and modern trends in design.


The first thing to consider when choosing curtains — they should not interfere with cooking. If the stove is next to the window, it is best to use roller blinds that fit against the glass. In addition, they are perfectly combined with various interior styles.


The choice of material is very important, because, firstly, it regulates the amount of light passing into the kitchen, and secondly, the material is able to visually reduce or increase the space.

Color palette

The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen. If the walls of the room are decorated in pastel colors, then an excellent solution will be the choice of bright fabrics for the windows. If you want to visually increase the volume of the room, it is better to choose curtains of the same color as the walls, or a little lighter. Excellent refreshing options would be the colors: pearl, peach, lavender, pastel lettuce, pale blue.

Dark curtains are popular in Roman and Gothic styles.

Additional tips

If you want to reduce the amount of natural light in the kitchen, you can use "muted" colors of material. And if, on the contrary — there is little sun and you want more light — then light translucent curtains will suit you perfectly.

Before you start planning your design, think through and balance the colors throughout the space. Sometimes match the tulle or curtains to the kitchen set, this helps to create a kind of composition, when each part serves to complement each other. Topical colors in modern design: subtle gray, dark blue, silver, metallic, pastel shades of gold.

In the kitchen with any interior will look good curtains in neutral shades or in gentle cream colors. To enrich the design, choose curtains with different textures.

Also modern designers offer a non-standard solution for decorating the kitchen: decorating the curtains with embroidery, sequins or simply unusual texture.


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