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Placing the TV on the wall

Nowadays, TV has become an integral part of every modern home. It is associated with relaxation, rest after a hard day's work, and enjoyable time with loved ones. That's why we've put together some useful and relevant tips for placing a TV in your home.

The right placement

The placement of the TV primarily depends on the arrangement of furniture, and you should also consider from which points you will watch it, there may be several such points: for example, if the kitchen is connected to the living room, you can watch the news or your favorite movies from both the sofa and the dining room table (convenient, isn't it?). But still, the decisive factor in placement is the windows, because if they are not well placed, the picture on the screen will be obscured by sunlight. If there is no choice and the TV will have to be placed opposite the window, we advise you to choose dark, thick curtains for the interior.

How to choose the right height?

In fact, there are no exact calculations of the height of the TV, all these parameters are adjusted to you. To determine the location of the screen, use the following method. For example, you will watch it while sitting on the couch, then sit on the couch and look at the wall where the TV should be placed, the exact spot where your eyes hit will determine the center of the monitor.


If you plan to place your TV on a wall, you should pay attention to the material it is made of. If you want to hang your TV on a plasterboard wall, we recommend that you abandon this idea right away, because such walls cannot withstand a lot of weight, and if you place a TV on such a wall, there is a chance that it will simply collapse along with the wall, so it's better not to risk it. But if the wall is made of bricks or blocks, you can safely place a TV on it, you can do this with the help of brackets, but just before mounting, make sure that there is no wiring in these places.

Cables and wires

When planning the interior, you should take into account the fact that there are various wires and cables from the TV, tuner, Wi-Fi router, etc. Designers recommend placing at least 3 sockets near the TV, they can be located behind or near the device. If you plan to put a cabinet under the TV, the best solution is to place the sockets behind it (it's more aesthetically pleasing). We also recommend installing sockets with a "reserve", because with the current technological boom, who knows, maybe in a year that extra socket will come in handy.

If your home has already been renovated and you plan to place a TV, you can hide the wires in a special box that can be decorated in the style of the entire interior.

Choose the size

When choosing the screen diagonal, you need to consider the size of the room and the distance at which you will watch it, because let's not forget that watching TV for a long time can significantly damage your eye health.


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