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Panoramic windows in the interior

Panoramic windows in the house — this is a modern and stylish element, it is an opportunity to be close to nature, while being in a warm room, it is a lot of light and space. Owners of country houses or apartments with observation windows have a great opportunity to be closer to the outside world and watch the magnificent landscape or the bustling city streets outside the window.

In private homes, large windows are most often installed in the bedrooms and living room, but also to provide the maximum amount of light the kitchen, dining room, study and even the bathroom are well suited. In this article we will talk about the features of room designs and interiors with panoramic windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of observation windows

Observation windows allow you to admire the beautiful landscape and enjoy the closeness to nature. Admiring the beautiful view, we forget about problems and slow down the frantic running of emotions and thoughts. And such windows have many advantages for the interior:

  • the need for additional lighting disappears, only those sources that illuminate the space in the dark time of day will be enough;

  • the space is instantly enlarged and becomes brighter;

  • it gives the feeling of being in nature, just imagine: you can watch the first snowfall, being in a warm and comfortable room.

But, of course, such a design has its disadvantages, among which we can highlight the following:

  • the most important disadvantage to which all designers pay attention is the high thermal conductivity of observation windows, that is, in cold seasons, heat escapes from the room and increases the cost of heating the room. But this problem is quite solvable: you should pay attention to energy-saving models when buying windows. One of the most effective are vacuum windows, you can also use energy-saving film that is glued to the outer surface of the windows;

  • such windows are more expensive than standard models, in addition, their installation is much heavier;

  • in the room with observation windows is not possible to put a large piece of furniture against the wall, so large glass designs are better suited for large rooms.

Panoramic windows in the living room

Large windows in the living room — this is an opportunity to make the room visually more spacious and lighter. If the room is relatively small and it is not provided with a sufficient amount of sunlight, it limits the use of dark colors for its decoration and design. But if there is enough natural light in the room, due to the floor-to-ceiling windows, the color spectrum for the interior is literally infinite. In the spacious rooms of the living room, which are connected to the kitchen and dining room, the large windows will look especially luxurious, and make the already rather small room even larger.

Panoramic windows in the bedroom

If your bedroom overlooks a gorgeous landscape, not taking the opportunity to install panoramic windows would be an unforgivable mistake. For a bedroom in a minimalist design, an observation window will be a harmonious addition to the interior. After all, minimalism is first of all a lot of free space and light, and only then — a minimal set of decor and practical furniture. But in the interior in the style of Provence panoramic windows will bring a note of naturalness and freedom.

In the bedroom near a large window you can place a dressing table. Thus, the mistress of the room will have a great opportunity to pick up an image and apply makeup with maximum natural light.

Panoramic windows in the kitchen

In the kitchen space it is rare to find large windows. And that's a shame, because quality lighting in the kitchen is an opportunity to perform all work processes productively and at times distract from routine tasks to the beautiful view outside the window.

Decor for observation windows

Despite all the advantages of an abundance of light, sometimes we still want to cut off the sunlight. In the bedroom with a view window it is better to have thick curtains, so that we can sleep in the morning or in the afternoon. It is best to choose textiles in natural colors. In the living room with observation windows translucent curtains made of natural material will be ideal.

Panoramic windows — an element that will perfectly complement the interior, making it lighter and more spacious.


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